Volunteer Vacation in Santa Fe, Darien

Santa Fe in Darien is a place that will impact your life. Volunteer abroad with EcoCircuitos Panama and work side-by-side with local community in the Darien and experience a diverse culture in the last frontier of Panama. This inspiring experience will help you in your future career and goals. It’s the experience of a lifetime. You’ll gain new perspectives and insight into the culture and yourself.

Highlights: In the Community of Santa Fe in Darien, around five hours by car from Panama City you will be working an a new organic farm that is trying to promote and market their products in Panama City and other regions. The Community Center in Santa Fe del Darien that owns 6 hectares of farmland and 40 hectares of protected land. The community is very conservative, traditional and in the small town of Santa Fe respect and reputation are of high importance. We will strive to integrate with the community, maintaining the local culture and learning from the local campesino and indigenous people; volunteers in this program should take a serious approach to volunteering and blending in with the local community.

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