Coronavirus (COVID-19) advisory information Panama

PMA Travel Group and EcoCircuitos shares your concerns about the Coronavirus outbreak in the world. We are committed to the safety of our clients and staff.  However, Latin America is still the least effected region, in case clients are looking for different vacation options.

With strong health safety measures in place, we invite all travelers to come to Panama and enjoy a destination that offers many possibilities:  adventure travel, cultural encounters, history and canal, academic travel and modern and cosmopolitan city.   

Information About Covid-19 in Panama

1.     There are cases of Covid-19 detected and confirm in the Republic of Panama.  The people infected had travelled to Europe recently and reside in Panama.  The patients are recovering at home.  There are no indications so far that Covid-19 has been transmitted within the country.

2.     Panama maintains a permanent surveillance system, which continues to allow travelers to our country from most countries, including the United States of America or Canada to name a few.

3.     All measures adopted by the country’s health system are coherent with the development of standards and protocols established by international organizations such as WHO and CDC which do not have alerts, recommendations or prohibitions to visit Panama and maintain the country as a “Green Level 1” destination meaning that only normal travel precautions are necessary. 

4.     The development of COVID-19 worldwide is being monitored by Panama’s government with the highest levels of prevention and preparation to offer assistance in case of need with the support of the travel industry. 

Some measures from our team:

1.     We have implemented the PMA Travel postponement program.  Book Now and Travel later with special discounts.

2.     Our staff will not greet passengers with physical contact.

3.     Each driver will have will have hand sanitizers available.

4.     Our team will wear latex gloves for baggage handling in order to avoid contamination.

5.     We will spray transportation vans with disinfectant products.

For more information about the Coronavirus please click here.

Also we encourage you to read the measures Copa Airlines is taking so you can fly with confidence.  Click here.

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