Free Insurance for Panama Tourists

As of January 17, tourists entering Panama through Tocumen International Airport will have what the Tourism Authority is calling free insurance.

The insurance provides insurance for 30 days, Salomon Shamah, Tourism Aurthority head, had said in a press conference. The government signed a two-year contract with Assicurzioni Generali for $8 million.

“The idea of a medical emergency insurance for tourists who visit us is to raise the quality of what is offered to the people who come to Panama,” said Shamah.

Tourists and Panamanians living abroad will receive a booklet that includes a removable card with insurance details. The benefits include coverage of up to $20,000 to repatriate the tourist’s dead body, $7.000 for a week of hospitalization, $2,000 for dental emergencies, $3,500 for legal services, up to $40,000 in air ambulance service and $500 to $1,000 for drug prescriptions.

According to Panamanian authorities, around 1.05 million visitors entered the country through Tocumen between January and November 2010, representing 70 percent of the 1.5 million people that enter Panama through the various ports of entry.

The $2 charge for the insurance is already included in the $40 airport taxes paid by all travelers.  You as a traveler upon arrival contact the Tourism Bureau kiosk to activate your insurance.

Limitations and Exclusions: 

Pre-existing medical conditions (including pregnancy); nature’s phenomenon, extreme sports, suicide; attempt of suicide, insured’s participation in crime or other offenses; beneficiaries falling to fulfill the Republic of Panama’s migratory laws; accidents, under illegal drugs effects or proven drunkenness, or if accident is caused on account of the insured’s fault or serious negligence; situations provoked, caused or produced because of hostilities, actions or was operations or foreign enemy invasion (being the war declared or not) or of civil war, revolution, rebellion, insurrection or other incidents or offenses against the country’s internal security or terrorism, insured’s participation in crimes or other offenses; death caused by accident on commercial (covered according to the Dirección de Aeronáutica Civil) or private aircraft; loss, material or moral damage and/or loss or profits.

For more information or immediate assistance call: 204-9300/800-2312

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