Welcome to EcoCircuitos Panama’s blog featuring news, information and stories about us, Panama and our new packages. Our team is excited to share all our adventures and experiences with you and receive your feedback!


We hope you will find our blog informative and interesting and we invite you to join our enthusiasm by posting a comment whenever you find an article particularly interesting. If you have been on an exciting tour or adventure and want to share pictures or stories, please send it to

We are strong promoters of Sustainable Tourism in Panama and we want to share with you some of the objectives of EcoCircuitos as a Tour Operator. We believe that Sustainable tourism should: contribute to the conservation of biodiversity and cultural diversity; contribute to the well being of local communities and indigenous people; include an interpretation/learning experience; involve responsible action on the part of tourists and tourism industry; be appropriate in scale; require the lowest possible consumption of non renewable resources; respect physical and social carrying capacities; involve minimal repatriation of earned revenue; be locally owned and operated (through local participation, ownership and business opportunities, particularly for rural people).

Some of our tours and adventures can be found on our website at

Our aim is to guarantee all our clients the best experience adventure in Panama.

Hope to see you in tropics soon,

Annie Young J.
Director & Founder



Contact us:

Albrook Plaza, No. 31
Ancon, Panama City, Rep. of Panama.
Tel: 507-315-1305
Tel: 507-315-1488
Fax: 507-315-1521

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