State of Emergency in Panama due to COVID-19

Press release @March 15, 2020

The government of Panama announced a “State of Emergency” to prevent the spread of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Panama, with other countries in the region, is working on different mitigation policies, including travel bans, to avoid the wide spreading of Coronavirus. Still, in Latin America, the cases remain relatively low. However, our government decides to close borders, including the docking of cruises and mini cruises, ships, and commercial vessels.

PMA TRAVEL GROUP informs that the National Government of Panama decreed the suspension of entry to the country of foreigners and non-residents, starting at 11:59 PM on Monday, March 16th, 2020. People with Panamanian nationality and permanent residence in the country will be able to continue entering the national territory, fulfilling upon arrival with mandatory preventive isolation of 14 days in their homes.

It is important to note that the measure does not restrict passengers in transit through the Tocumen International Airport in Panama City, so connections through the hub continue without interruption.

The experienced team of PMA Travel, we will work with you case by case to offer flexibility with the cancellations and to look for alternatives to postpone your client’s vacations to Panama in a few months where hopefully the COVID-19 will be controlled.

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