EcoCircuitos Business Objectives

By Annie Young J.

A while ago I heard the quote by Mahatma Gandhi, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony”.

This quote really hit home for me and since I have heard it has become one of my mottos in life. Before returning home from a study abroad program where I volunteered with a conservation organization I went on a backpacking trip that inspired me to create EcoCircuitos Panama (1999). After this trip I realized that I wanted to share my passion for Panama with the rest of the world in a different way.

As a dreamer, I felt that we could connect conservation, social development and tourism. This has been my goal since I began EcoCircuitos Panama. It has not been easy… sometimes promoting responsible travel is more difficult that the classical approach, but we believe that it can be done.

The EcoCircuitos Panama team including myself has evolved since the company began. I have learned from many different people that have worked with me all these years that in today’s world you have to give something back… not just take.

Today we are a team of local enthusiasts about Panama. On a daily basis we learn from each other sharing, our dreams for sustainable development. It is important to me to motivate each member of my team to create, innovate and collaborate in an environment where it is not only my vision that is followed.

Our objectives as a company are very clear to us:

– Create low-impact tours and experiences that are appealing to our clients.

– Increase the level of awareness amongst travelers and turning them in effective agents for conservation.

– Channel a portion of our revenues towards supporting the conservation and sustainable use of Panama´s biodiversity.

– Reduce poverty through environmental conscious income generation activities and employment, which effectively decrease the threat to biodiversity in our local communities.

– Encourage active participation and involvement of local communities in the development, operation and monitoring of tourism activities.

This is our responsibility as a tour operator and DMC in Panama, and we are a happy team that is following a beautiful dream.


Incentive travel is a reward or recognition to the staff of an organization that fulfill their goals.  This type of travel it is used also by companies to change the behavior, to improve productivity and to motivate the team to become more successful and engage with the organization philosophy.

EcoCircuitos Incentives is committed to making Panama a better place through tourism.  As we are true believers that any type of travel can include the sustainable component, we work with our clients, partners and staff to develop incentives programs that are authentic, fun and responsible.


We encourage our clients to incorporate sustainable and responsible practices into their planned meetings and incentives travel to Panama.  Our company will source the best locations and venues that share this commitment of responsibility while we take active actions to reduce, reuse and recycle the waste generated by the events and activities.

EcoCircuitos Incentives offers innovative Meetings, Incentives and Events for clients who demand only the best.  Our experiences are unique and specifically designed to inspire our travelers.  All of our incentives are fully customizable to ensure the best possible experience for our clientele and organize in different areas of Panama that offers cultural, folklore and diversity.

Our company is committed to responsible travel and sustainable tourism development. We believe that travelers are agents of change and we aim preserve the travel experience for generations to come by educating travelers on the diversity & cultural wealth of the places they visit.  We aim to provide adventures in Panama with minimal negative impact on the environment or on the local cultures of the places we operate.

EcoCircuitos Incentives is the choice for all travelers who want conscientious travel with style. A percentage of all our profits are donated to local organizations that support sustainable development and conservation. Ask our team for a list of partner’s organizations.

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