When travel to a destination hire the locals by STI

Enrich your travel experiences and make sure your travel dollars stay in the host community by hiring a local guide to show you around. Local guides know the area better than any other guides. Whether you are looking for someone to guide you every step of the way or just show you around a sight or two – a good local guide can be the highlight of your trip.

By choosing a local guide, the needs of the local economy can be better met and you are creating cross-cultural relationships. However, when choosing any guide, local or foreign, it is important to consider the environmental impact of your guide’s actions. Keep these questions in mind as you choose a tour operation: Do their guides foster a respect for the environment, particularly in the areas visited, and encourage their guests to do the same? Do guides ever intentionally disturb or encourage the disturbance of wildlife or wildlife habitats? Do they keep vehicles on designated roads and trails and abide by the rules and regulations of the natural areas they visit?

environmentaltoursOnce you’ve found some local guides, here are some additional questions to ask to make sure that you and your guide are well matched, as well as to make sure you will be safe:

  • How many people will be taking this tour?
  • How much control do I get over what we do, when we eat, and when we take breaks?  How strenuous is the tour?
  • What happens if we have bad weather?
  • What happens if someone in the party gets injured?
  • Are there any special safety precautions I need to take?

The key to an excellent eco tour experience is finding a guide that you are comfortable with. If the answers to your inquiries are unsatisfactory, keep looking until you find a tour that is compatible with your needs. Your efforts will be rewarded with an excellent tour guide that is excited to show you around because he or she cares about the destination and your experiences there.

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EcoCircuitos training seminar for guides

The EcoCircuitos Team started two weeks ago the basic knowledge, risk management and leadership training program for future guides.   Laura Ramirez, Fabio Trujillo, Jorge Mayorga, Roberto Jaén, Annie Young and Rick Morales are sharing their knowledge and experience of many years as professionals in this industry.

We are offering 6 sessions of theory where the primary focus is interpretive training in the cultural, natural, and human history of Panama plus relevant resource material shared by our senior guides.   We also are taking the participants to the field and testing their knowledge and skills with an expert team that will evaluate them.  The training program also incorporates a mentorship component from our staff guides to the future team.  We want you to have fun while guiding!  Join us in a fantastic career for the next season that combines education and social development.  If you want to take advantage and be part of one of our training seminars, contact Laura Ramirez in the office at 315-1488.

Workshops in Europe

Based in Panama City, EcoCircuitos Panama was found in 1999 as a sustainable oriented tour operator that specializes in personal travel planning for small groups, individuals, families and couples throughout the Republic of Panama. Offering custom-made travel packages we are recognized as a pioneer in Panama in the green tourism industry for the high quality of our services and our commitment with the environment, conservation and locals communities of Panama.

Recently we conduct a series of seminars and workshops for travel agents. We have more than 200 participants and most important, we are sure that this private effort will bring more clients to Panama and our partners!

We are committed to fulfill the expectations of our clients and we guarantee an unforgettable experience in Panama!

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