Festival Internacional de ARtes Escénicas Panamá 2014

El Festival de Artes Escénicas es el evento de mayor calidad en las artes escénicas, teatro y danza en Panamá. Este año, contamos con participantes de países como Francia, México, Finlandia, Ecuador, Argentina, Alemania, Costa Rica y otros.   Se realizará del 27 de Marzo al 2 de Abril, en espacios como Teatro Nacional y Teatro Anita Villalaz, como podrá ver en la volante que adjunto al correo y la programación.

Testing the Drunken Monkey Hypothesis in Panama


Could alcoholism in humans be an evolutionary hangover? Robert Dudley, professor of Integrative Biology at the University of California, Berkeley believes so. His “Drunken Monkey Hypothesis” suggests that fruit-eating primates —such as BCI’s spider monkeys—may be drawn to naturally occurring ethanol in the fruits they consume. Frugivorous primates have been eating fermented fruit for 40 million years. The health benefits of low-level alcohol consumption are consistent with an ancient and potentially adaptive exposure to this common, psychoactive substance.

Christina Campbell, associate professor of Anthropology at California State University Northridge, who has studied behavior, ecology and reproduction of spider monkeys, Ateles groffroyi, since 1996, is back on BCI with graduate student, Victoria Weaver, to test Dudley’s hypothesis. They will measure the ethanol concentration in the sugary fruits of Spondias mombin, a mango relative extremely important in the monkeys’ diet.

Christina and Victoria will be running through the forest chasing spider monkeys to collect fallen fruits and/or urine samples (which will be tested for an ethanol metabolite) until September 2014.

EcoCircuitos Fam Trip to JW Marriott Panama

EcoCircuitos staff
EcoCircuitos staff having dinner at JW Marriott

Hosted by Ms. Sakura Kamimura, Sales Manager at the JW Marriott Panama, some members of the EcoCircuitos staff enjoyed a one night visit at the sophisticated family resort:  J W Marriott Panama Golf & Resort.  The recently open JW Marriott Panama is located within the Buenaventura resort community, 80 miles southwest of Panama City on the Pacific coast.   The resort features five restaurants, an 18-hole golf course, a spa, a chapel, meeting space and a beachfront clubhouse with an infinity pool and waterfront butler service.

EcoCircuitos special Fam Trip
EcoCircuitos special Fam Trip

The staff enjoy the facilities, new menu and fantastic SPA in this well organize Fam Trip inspection.   This premier luxury resort in Panama offers elegant accommodations and suites set amongst lush gardens and a lagoon with vistas of the Pacific Ocean. Here, every desire is anticipated – from a round of golf at the Jack Nicklaus-designed course, a relaxing treatment at Corotú Spa, or a splendid meal of locally sourced produce at Tamarindo. Perfect for a honeymoon or romantic getaway, pampering includes twice daily maid service, attentive pool attendants and a beach butler to ensure umbrellas and extra towels are at hand. For adventure seekers, enjoy horseback riding, snorkeling, fishing, surfing in Rio Mar, eco tours and much more. Located on the coast in Coclé, the resort is 80 minutes west of Panama City – one of Central America’s largest business centers – making it an ideal destination for incentive meetings and events. Visit the JW Marriott Panama Golf & Beach Resort today and experience the best Panama has to offer.

IMG_2691It was our pleasure participating at this educative and fun FAM with JW Marriott Panama full of beautiful surprises!
Thank Sakura for sharing this experience with us!

For reservations and more information on JW Marriott Panama rates and programs, please contact EcoCircuitos Panama at our 800 number:  1-800-830-7142 and one of our sales agents will be please to give you a full explanation.

Contact us at  http://www.ecocircuitos.com or info@ecocircuitos.com


ImageArchaeologists from Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama have uncovered a cache of unusual stones in a prehistoric Rock shelter known as Casa de Piedra.

The twelve stones were found buried and clustered tightly together in a way that suggests they were stored in a bundle or basked which has decomposed since.

The cache consists of a small Dacite stone fashioned into a cylindrical tool; a small flake of white, translucent Quartz; a bladed Quartz and Jarosite aggregate; a Quartz crystal aggregate; several Pyrite nodules that showed evidence of use; a small, worn and abraded piece of Chalcedony; a magnetic Andesite flake; a large Chalcedony vein stone; and a small magnetic Kaolinite stone naturally eroded into an unusual shape, similar to a flower. This unusual selection and careful storage strongly suggests that these stones were once used by a Shaman or healer.

Indigenous groups who lived in the area during the time the stones were stored there include  Ngäbe, Buglé, Bribri, Cabécar and the now-extinct Dorasque peoples. Healers and Shamans of these and other cultures are known to feature unusual or special stones and crystals in their rituals.

The rock shelter itself has been known to archaeologists since the 1970s, who established that it was used for cooking and stone tool manufacture, possibly as early as 9,000 years ago and that it had been used by humans for thousands of years since then. The newest research shows that the people who would have benefitted from the shaman’s knowledge  practiced small-scale farming of manioc, maize and arrowroot, and collected palm nuts, fruits and roots. They also probably hunted and fished in the nearby hills and streams, but the humid soils in the shelter destroyed any evidence of animal bones.

From: Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute. Photos from STRIImage

Two days in Cerro la Vieja, Coclé with EcoCircuitos

Our office plan a retreat and we all leave the city daily routine and stress behind to a peaceful and beautiful environment in the mountains of Coclé.  We had a nice journey, with a stop at a local restaurant at the Pan-American Highway, through the interior of Panama. In the late afternoon we arrived to the stunning mountains and were fascinated by the views and breathtaking landscapes. Finally we reached our destination: La Posada de Cerro La Vieja, a small and beautiful Eco-Lodge in the middle of hills, rivers and forests in the moountains of Chiguiri Arriba in Cocle province. The lodge immediately makes you feel comfortable and nice people welcome you very friendly. After arriving we discovered the small hotel, our spacious rooms with terraces in the back and made use of the spa facilities: the girls of the team enjoyed a mud bath which smelled fabulous and which was great for relaxation and smoothed the skin. So, we were well-relaxed and continued our retreating program with a delicious dinner buffet consisting of Panamanian exquisite cuisine including pumpkin soup, mashed potatoes, vegetables and salad, plantain and different kinds of meat followed by cheesecake with syrup as dessert. We finished the day with fun activities such as a charade game, ping pong and pool table.

The team of EcoCircuitos started the next day with a rich and yummy breakfast, a mixture of Panamanian exquisites and continental breakfast. Then we started our hiking adventure with the destination of the waterfall Tavida Cascada. Very well prepared with appropriate equipment we left the hotel together with our local guide Chabelo and started the trail accompanied by beautiful sunshine. We discovered the interesting flora and fauna and enjoyed the fresh air in the mountainous forests of Coclé. We reached various rivers that needed to be crossed before finally arriving at the cabañas of Posada Cerro La Vieja with stunning views of the mountains on one side and on the other of the 30 meter high waterfall. We finished our hike with a refreshing bath in the natural swimming pool on bottom of the Tavida waterfall. We returned to the hotel where a delicious barbecue was waiting for us.  It was a great adventure for our office team!!