Panama 2011 Surf World Championship

Panama will open again its doors to international surf, from June 25 to July 3 to carry out the 2011 World Championships.

The event will feature surfers from around the world and will be held Venao beach in Pedasi, Los Santos province.  This event, the ISA Billabong 2011 World Surfing Games, is one of the most important surf tournaments internationally.

Yesterday a press conference held place at the Presidency of the Republic, where officials of the Tourism Authority of Panama and Panamanian Sports Authority (Pandeportes) gave their full support.

According to the representatives of the International Surfing Association, the highest surfing authority worldwide, Panama has earned the right to be the tournament’s host country because of its good surfing conditions, and the good experience at the ISA World Masters Surfing Championship, held last year at Santa Catalina in the Veraguas province.

“The waves in Panama are exceptional, and after the huge success of the Panama ISA World Masters Surfing Championship in 2010, we are eager to take one of our major championships to the powerful waves and the tropical climate of Panama, ” said Fernando Aguerre ISA President, according to a note sent by the Tourism Authority of Panama.sur

This event, which will concentrate more than 200 surfers from 25 countries worldwide, will allow Panama to promote themselves, expand and further develop surf tourism, a real economic boost.

Article courtesy of La Prensa Newspaper

Bocas del Toro Panama, Western Caribbean slope