New Tour: Skywalk in the Highlands

EcoCircuitos Panama is excited to offer a brand new skywalk tour in the Chiriqui Highlands! This 3-4 hour tour will take you on a 25 minute drive into the valley behind Boquete town, during the drive you can admire the countryside, coffee farms and more as climb into the valley. Upon your arrival you will be given a briefing about the 5km loop that will take you over 5 Skywalk bridges that range from 1,600 – 1,800 meters over sea level. Walk through the treetops of the cloud forest, keep your eyes out for exotic bird species and other animals native to the area. Admire the surrounds scenery as your guide, interprets the ecosystem that surrounds you.

IMG_0412 (2)
Skywalk the Highlands
Bridge Details
Bridge 1 Length: 135m/Height: 40m
Bridge 2 Length: 70m/Height: 15m
Bridge 3 Length: 110m/Height: 55m
Bridge 4 Length: 110m/Height: 70m
Bridge 5 Length: 85m/Height: 44m









Skywalk Tour Detail
Time 3-4 hours
Distance 5km
Hiking Level Medium
Restrictions Children 5 and under not permitted
Includes Private transportation, private guide, entrance fees,
Optional Lunch