Adventure in Coiba National Park

Coiba national park

With the exception of the Galapagos and Isla del Coco, few places in the Americas are as exotic and biodiverse as this national park on Coiba Island. Due to its hard accessibility and the strict environmental protection, the island features pristine ecosystems and a unique fauna.

Coiba National Park consists of a group of Islands in the Pacific Ocean south of Veraguas Province. The park covers 270,125 hectares, of which about 80% is marine, the islands cover only 20% of the surface area. The waters around Coiba are very rich in life. There may be as many as 700 species of fish swimming in the waters around Coiba and some of those are present in large numbers.

While snorkeling near Coiba, you are often surrounded by hundreds of fish, mostly by small plankton-eating fish such as panamic sergeant majors and scissortails. The reefs are inhabited by morays, butterfly fish, angel fish, parrot fish, hawk fish, tile fish, moorish idols, wrasses, white-tipped reef-sharks (harmless) and many others. Occasionally, you may encounter a huge snapper, grouper or a nurse shark on the reef. The reefs are also home to turtles, mostly hawksbill and olive ridley turtles, but green turtles and loggerheads have been seen as well. The edges of the reef are often visited by blue-fin trevally and other species of jacks, trevallies, rainbow runners and occasionally schools of black-tail barracudas (harmless) also make a pass along the reefs. Wahoo, yellow fin tuna, sail fish and marlins roam the deeper waters of the park.

The island is home to 36 species of mammals, 39 species of amphibians and reptiles, and 147 species of birds. Some of the land animals have been isolated from the mainland for so long that they have evolved into different species. The Coiba agouti and the Coiba howler monkeys are a different species from those you encounter on the mainland. These two and the Coiba spinetail (Cranioleuca dissita), a bird, only occur on Coiba and nowhere else in the world. Coiba is also the only place in Panama where you can see flocks of the threatened Scarlet Macaw (Ara macao).

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EcoCircuitos Panama: Promoting Sustinable Tourism in Panama

EcoCircuitos Panama:
31 Albrook Plaza, Panama City, Panama
+507 315 1488

Since 1999, EcoCircuitos Panama has been a company committed to the development of sustainable tourism by providing diverse options for responsible and low impact travel thought the Republic of Panama. It is a locally owned company that works on a grass roots level providing greener options for traveling.

EcoCircuitos founder Annie Young Jaén realized earlier than most Panamanian tour operators, that the sensitive natural and cultural destinations in the country would need to be approached with much care and understanding. “The core element in all our tours is to keep the environmental impacts to a minimum while at the same time maximizing the benefits to the local host communities. The customized tours and adventures are  designed to have a strong educational side: each traveler is accompanied by a local guide who is not only an expert on the nature and culture of the visited area, but also follows and teaches minimum-impact principles”.

EcoCircuitos aims to combine fun outdoor adventures, cultural exchanges and nature preservation to make an unforgettable vacation for their clients, all organized and lead by local talents.  “Maximizing the skills and opportunities of the local suppliers, guides and staff to grow together through tourism is one of the main goals for us”.

The EcoCircuitos staff is an inspirational group of people who are all committed to provide alternatives to conventional tourism in Panama. They truly care about their clients and make sure that each and every experience is unique and genuine, showing the true Panamanian culture and spirit. The team is passionate about sustainable travel and work continuously to improve not only their operations through best-practice learning but also those of their suppliers in the office and the field.

The company’s commitment is further visible in their key role in the founding of APTSO ( The Panamanian Association for sustainable tourism. EcoCircuitos hope that their permanent example of best practice will become a model and learning opportunity to other Panamanian companies to inspire a more sustainable and responsible development of Panama Tourism.