Tourism as Direct Trade: Some thoughts on Responsible Travel

Benefitting Local Communities

“When you travel, you have choices around how to spend your money. You can go to the foreign owned Hilton, or you can seize your vacation as an opportunity to exercise a small form of social justice. You can eat at local restaurants, stay at hotels owned by locals, and go on tours run by people who are in and of the place you’re visiting.”

This paragraph, an excerpt from the very thoughtful article Tourism as Direct Trade, could barely be expressed any better.

Using local resources when you travel is one of the key essentials of responsible tourism. It not only helps local communities sustain themselves, it can also encourage them to value their traditions more – after all, the tradition is a big part of what we come to see.

And, most importantly, if you truly want to get to know a country, a people, a community, the only way to go is to meet the locals. So stay with the locals, take a local guide (he knows all the secret spots your travel agent at home has never heard of), and try the local food.

Who would be better to show you a country than the people who live there, who love it, and who care about its preservation, because they know their children will grow up there? And who would be better off to take your tourist dollars than the people whose land you walk on, whose hospitality you enjoy?

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Workshops in Europe

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