Smithsonian Barro Colorado reforestation: great success!

As part of the HSBC Climate Partnership, the Smithsonian and HSBC Panama have teamed together for a second reforestation in one year. On Saturday August 14, Kelly Walsh, from STRI´s Public Information Office and Climate Champions Adelvis Ortiz and Roberto Delgado, led a lively team of 30 HSBC volunteers to a plot in Parque Soberanía, near the Panama Canal Watershed experiment.

Barro Colorado, Panama

HSBC and the Smithsonian devised a plan to divide the tasks of opening the holes, adding organic fertilizer and planting the seedling, into small groups. This organization was practical, as there was constant movement, allowing HSBC to plant 300 seedlings in three hours.

After hearing a trivial complaint in midst of planting seedlings, someone turned around and said, “The reason we are here planting trees is so that you understand how easy it is to cut trees down and how hard it is for just one to grow back.”

At the Smithsonian in Panama, we study the past, present and future of tropical biodiversity The current climate change phenomena, a worldwide issue, is among our top priorities. Our association with the HSBC Climate Partnership gives us the opportunity to put this research into action, helping to re-establish the forest cover responsible for the environmental services needed for the operation of one of the world´s most important economic waterways.

Information: Kelly Walsh, STRI
Picture: MGuerra/Smithsonian

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