Adventure week Panama 2018

During the Adventure Week Panama this past May, the participants from different Continents discover why Panama became the Isthmus that changed the world and a paradise for the outdoor travelers.

The explorers discover a diverse destination filled with natural and cultural beauty and with an incredible history to share with the rest of the world.  Panama surprises the adventure travelers for the cosmopolitan capital,  the legends of Pirates and Conquistadores that fought for the treasures of the Americas, amazing close national parks and trails, good adventures, unique wildlife and a superb gastronomy.

Through kayak, trekking, amazing gastronomic fests, hikes with naturalist guides, snorkeling, boutique hotels and wildlife observation, Panama became the place where friends from around the world united for one week.  We all enjoyed this adventure and we hope to continue receiving new friends from the Adventure Travel Association.

Keep Exploring!!!!

A bit of our history: Perspective from the US Military while in Panama

The US Military while in Panama made this interesting video during the Canal Zone era.   This is a bit of our Canal history before the Canal turns to Panama in 1999.  We want to share this with you.  See some of the old Military Bases at Clayton and Howard; see the City of Panama during the era of construction and discover how neighborhoods become what they are today.   Some areas now are change to beautiful Parks, City of Knowledge and housing for Panamanians and expats that live happily  and peaceful in our beautiful PANAMA!!    Come and be part of our history and book a history tour with us!  contact us at