New Adventure at the Mamoní private reserve

Last weekend the EcoCircuitos’ operations team led by Fabio Trujillo and Mabel Barría had the opportunity to visit a private reserve managed by Earth Train. EcoCircuitos is offering new tours and adventures that include wildlife observation in this private reserve. At the narrowest point in the Western Hemisphere, where a mere 50 kilometers separate the great oceans of the Pacific and the Atlantic, is a corridor of primary forest and river valleys rich in biological diversity. For hundreds of species of migratory birds, it is the verdant trail between the Americas. To the indigenous Guna, it is the divine Madre Tierra of their semi-autonomous territory. At the very center of this bridge of life along the continental divide in the Province of Panama, lies the valley of the upper Río Mamoní. The area offers diverse options for adventures, such as hiking trails for wildlife observation, river kayaking, camping in the forest, educational adventures and cultural exchange with the Guna and Embera communities. We invite you to explore this new area of Panama and to assist you in designing the best itinerary for you and your group.


New Tour: Night walk the Soberania National Park

Experience the thrilling of the rainforest at night! Use your flashlight, and with the direction of our naturalist specialize guide, you will uncover the nocturnal wildlife and their habitats of the tropical rainforest.  We will hike the Soberania National park towards the Rainforest Discovery Center and will walk around the different trails of the area in search for frogs, bats, insects, kinkajous and other surprises of this secreted, nocturnal world.

Medium walk, some hills. 1 ½ to 2 hours.

Minimum 4 people: $95.00 per person

Two days in Cerro la Vieja, Coclé with EcoCircuitos

Our office plan a retreat and we all leave the city daily routine and stress behind to a peaceful and beautiful environment in the mountains of Coclé.  We had a nice journey, with a stop at a local restaurant at the Pan-American Highway, through the interior of Panama. In the late afternoon we arrived to the stunning mountains and were fascinated by the views and breathtaking landscapes. Finally we reached our destination: La Posada de Cerro La Vieja, a small and beautiful Eco-Lodge in the middle of hills, rivers and forests in the moountains of Chiguiri Arriba in Cocle province. The lodge immediately makes you feel comfortable and nice people welcome you very friendly. After arriving we discovered the small hotel, our spacious rooms with terraces in the back and made use of the spa facilities: the girls of the team enjoyed a mud bath which smelled fabulous and which was great for relaxation and smoothed the skin. So, we were well-relaxed and continued our retreating program with a delicious dinner buffet consisting of Panamanian exquisite cuisine including pumpkin soup, mashed potatoes, vegetables and salad, plantain and different kinds of meat followed by cheesecake with syrup as dessert. We finished the day with fun activities such as a charade game, ping pong and pool table.

The team of EcoCircuitos started the next day with a rich and yummy breakfast, a mixture of Panamanian exquisites and continental breakfast. Then we started our hiking adventure with the destination of the waterfall Tavida Cascada. Very well prepared with appropriate equipment we left the hotel together with our local guide Chabelo and started the trail accompanied by beautiful sunshine. We discovered the interesting flora and fauna and enjoyed the fresh air in the mountainous forests of Coclé. We reached various rivers that needed to be crossed before finally arriving at the cabañas of Posada Cerro La Vieja with stunning views of the mountains on one side and on the other of the 30 meter high waterfall. We finished our hike with a refreshing bath in the natural swimming pool on bottom of the Tavida waterfall. We returned to the hotel where a delicious barbecue was waiting for us.  It was a great adventure for our office team!!

Kuna Yala – Forests, Culture, amazing Islands and Beaches

The Paradise on Earth

Anne Kehmeier

Early in the morning we left Panama City to begin our one-day adventure in Kuna Yala, also known as San Blas. We went by car to Kuna Yala, which was one of the best choices during the trip as the countryside is marvelous and the route is very interesting. We passed through the impressive forests and crossed several small and big hills which created feelings close to rollercoaster rides. The route was very fascinating; we were almost the only car as far as the eyes could see. It felt like a world disconnected from the rest of the planet. After the three hour ride we arrived at the pier where we met the local guide. We boarded a motor boat and started our trip around the amazing archipielago of San Blas or Kuna Kingdom. Firstly, we visited a small village of Carti. We got to know many local kuna people and explored the village and learned about their daily life on the island. We visited for example the school, the library and saw the museum of culture of the Kuna people and so we experienced the friendly attitudes and curiosity of the local people. It was very exciting to see how the Kuna people organize their lives, for example by designing the traditional Molas, made by the Kuna women, which are really beautiful. We continued our trip to one of the other paradisiacal islands where we enjoyed the pure and white sand and the ocean of dazzling turquoise and clear water, a paradise barely describable. We had the opportunity to swim and relax a bit in the wonderful water and to explore the nearby coral reefs close to the island. After this small break we kept on with the trip and crossed the ocean to different other islands. After arriving at the island El Perro or Achu we had nice and traditional lunch in a locally Kuna owned restaurant. The lunch consisted of a delicious meal of fresh fish, coco rice, salad and patacones (fried plantain) and fresh watermelon as dessert. In the afternoon we had some time to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of the island. We also had some time to explore the small island by walking around and by taking some amazing pictures. Then, after this wonderful day in paradise, we headed back to the pier and started the way back to Panama City.

Panama Panorama 5 days adventure from $485.00

Embera Indian from Chagres National Park

5 Days / 4 Nights

A city tour featuring Panama City’s best attractions; you will spend a day Kayaking the Panama Canal and will visit the Miraflores Locks.  You will also be part of a National Geographic type adventure while visiting the Embera community from Chagres National Park.  This is a perfect package to be combined with a stay in Costa Rica or as an extension to any of the country’s beach destinations.   For complete program and prices please contact us at