Have you been to Pipeline Road?

By Raffaele Capomolla

Do you enjoy being immersed in beautiful nature? Just 50 minutes from Panama City near a village called “Gamboa” there is Soberania National Park, where you can find amazing bird diversity, monkeys, sloths, insects and beautiful Flora!


Hike through the historical pipeline road. Oh, what is the pipeline road? During World War 2, across the isthmus of Panama, a petroleum pipeline and its service road were built, which allows the entry through the center of this marvelous national park.

After the hiking, enjoy a boat trip through the canal, where you will see those breathtaking, giant ships passing by a few steps from you, until you’ll end up in the Gatun lake!

Do you want to know why and in which situations the Alpha Monkeys in the rain forest starts to yowl? Our great Guide Jorge will tell you all about the animals in this amazing National park, the history of the pipeline, the canal and much more on this beautiful tour!

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Convocatoria para Guías en Panamá


Te interesa ser parte de un equipo jóven, dinámico y entusiasta?  Quieres compartir tu creatividad e iniciativa? 

EcoCircuitos Panamá lanzó la convocatoria para los guías turísticos interesados en prestar servicios  e interpretación en la zona turística de Panama Ciudad, Canal y Parques Nacionales para la temporada 2013 – 2014.

Los postulantes deberán presentar sus expedientes hasta el 28 de Agosto en la oficina de EcoCircuitos Panama o enviar su información a nuestro Gerente de Operaciones:  Laura Ramirez y a nuestro coordinador de Guías:  Fabio Trujillo a opts@ecocircuitos.com y a guides@ecocircuitos.com

Si estas interesado en ser parte del team EcoCircuitos y hablas otro idioma, estamos dictando un entrenamiento a partir de la próxima semana solo para guías.  Para aplicar, puedes llamar a nuestras oficinas y consultar directamente con Laura Ramirez al 315-1488

Requisito:  hablar y escribir inglés.

saludos verdes,


Transpanama trail completed by Rick Morales

When the original pioneers began settling the land that is Panamá such a trail existed; however, to this day there is no single map outlining the original route or the settlements along its path.  By undertaking this project, the volunteers of TransPanama Foundation realize a tangible sense of participation in the making of Panamanian history.

Recently one of the top naturalist guides of Panama, Rick Morales, had an adventure of his life:  Trekking the Transpanama Trail from the border of Colombia to the border of Costa Rica.   It took him 2 months and 27 days of adventures and hard walk.  He encounter different towns and communities and had the opportunity to connected with the roots of Panama and the different beautiful people along his amazing trip.

We are proud to announce that Rick Morales is one of the senior tour operators working with EcoCircuitos Panama.  For more information on the transpanama check thelink.

For more information on trekking and adventures in Panama, contact us at info@ecocircuitos.com or call our toll free number 1-800-830-7142