New airline to start operating in Panama

US based Vision Airlines and Panama Aircraft Rental & Sales are planning to bring a new airline to Panama to provide a low-cost opportunity for flights from and to Panama: Vision Panama

The idea is to establish flexible-frequency (with seasonal differences in frequency) air traffic connections to various inland and Latin America destinations, to allow customers to book hotels or rental cars in addition to their flight, and also to offer the possibility of charter flights.

Vision Panama will operate 3 Boeing 767’s, one of which will be equipped with all-business seats for charter, several Boeing 737’s, and various smaller aircraft for regional flights.

Proposed destinations outside of Panama include Sao Paulo, San Jose, Caracas, Cancun, Lima, Bogota, Punta Cana and several US destinations.

The founding company Vision Airlines started up in the US in 1994 focusing primarily on charter flights, among them tour flights for aerial views of tourist destinations such as the Hoover dam and Grand Canyon. Since 2011 the company is also running scheduled services within the US. Panama Aircraft Rental & Sales are an established provider of airplane charters in Panama and provide, among other things, aerial tours of the Panama Canal.

The availability of additional aircraft for popular inland destinations such as San Blas or Bocas del Toro, as well as the added accessibility of affordable flights into the country from major cities in the US and Latin America would add substantial carrying capacity for leisure and business travelers and could increase tourism to and inside Panama significantly. The proposal also includes the plan to support the development of Panama Pacifico airport.

This new venture is a great and exciting opportunity for Panama’s tourism industry, which could end up providing Panama’s greatest destinations with better access, infrastructure and further opportunity.