Keep your eyes open, butterflies are everywhere!

This butterfly house is a site dedicated to the study, the reproduction and the public exhibition of butterflies, directed by Panamanian biologists and entrepreneurs.

Mariposario Cerro Lavieja only reproduces native local species of the Coclé province and breed them with the help of biologists.

In this huge area of 1200 square meters, besides the flying butterflies, caterpillars or pupae, you will also find a little butterfly exhibition area and some souvenirs to buy and to offer to your loved ones.

(Just to know: A percentage of souvenirs sales go to a Butterfly Conservation Program to help in the protection of butterflies and their ecosystems.)

Located only 30 minutes far away from Penonomé, immersed in a fresh mountains climate for the growth of these fascinating insects’ growth, the Mariposario Cerro Lavieja is the bigger butterfly house of Panama, with approximatively 40 different species.

You will have the chance to see between 500 to 800 butterflies flying, depending on the season.

If you are lucky, you will meet the majestic, famous and amazing Blue Morpho!

For only $5.00 per person and one-hour tour (maximum of 30 people divided in two groups of 15), you will begin your visit by a short introduction to the butterfly life.

You will then entry the Butterfly House area surrounded by luxurious tropical vegetation with giant ferns and colorful heliconia flowers.

In the 8 stops through the Butterfly House, the guide will talk to you about the location, the altitude and rain precipitation of the area. The tour will continue by showing you how butterflies feed, lay their eggs, and reproduce each other.

You will have the unique opportunity to touch butterflies and their caterpillars and feel the butterflies flying or posing on your hands, heads or shoulders!

Don’t forget to bring your camera because you are gonna have so many occasions to take wonderful pictures of orchids, other flowers and butterflies lying on flowers and leaves!

During this visit, you will learn and discover butterflies’ life history and diversity in Panama. Before leaving you will take a look inside the “lab” to see eggs, and touch some big Owl Butterfly caterpillars and pupae, and possibly release new born butterflies into the butterfly house (daily in the morning).

Do not miss this unique and emotional experience!

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Little getaway in a fresh start Eco Lodge, in Cocle Province.

By Juliette Darmon

From panama, early on the morning, we set out to discover a fresh start Eco Lodge, in Cocle province: Villa Tavidá

After three hours’ drive, we arrived in this little paradise, where the tranquility and calmness overwhelmed us.

At once exiting the car, we were immersed in a relaxing universe, so quiet, pleasant and restful, where the nature is the queen, so far away from the capital.

After an overview of the site, we were discovering the thalassotherapy area, made up of massage rooms, little sport corner, two saltwater Jacuzzis, and a relaxing place in front of a wonderful nature view.

A library area very friendly and decorated with several old objects is likewise ready to be discovered.

You will also have the possibility to take a mud bath, excellent for the skin, and to rinse yourself afterwards in the large and amazing waterfall, located so close. A unique and wonderful experience we don’t have the chance to live everyday!

As I was, you will be pleasantly surprised by the calmness which reigns in this little paradise.

It’s the perfect place to have a break and forget about our stressful daily life. Just close your eyes in front of Mother Nature and let you dream!

Afterwards, I could go down in the rainforest and looking for the Tavidá waterfall. In the middle of nature, we could have a bath and enjoy the current time.

Even if, we were actually already wet because of the waterfall water sprays…!

Tips: Beware of the current!

After this little getaway, we had lunch in the lodge restaurant, adorned with bamboos and plants, where I could taste delicious Panamanian dishes, as well as a cheesecake with its awesome maracuja jam.

I really recommend you to draw up there and even stay one night! Their large rooms with terrace, are still immersed in a relaxing atmosphere. Not to mention the shower… While you shampoo, you will admire the rainforest and its waterfall! And I swear that it’s weight in gold!

Slight advantage: a lodge area is entirely dedicated and equipped for disabled people, with special rooms.

Like me, let yourself surprise by this charming little paradise, and you will feel relive!

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Two days in Cerro la Vieja, Coclé with EcoCircuitos

Our office plan a retreat and we all leave the city daily routine and stress behind to a peaceful and beautiful environment in the mountains of Coclé.  We had a nice journey, with a stop at a local restaurant at the Pan-American Highway, through the interior of Panama. In the late afternoon we arrived to the stunning mountains and were fascinated by the views and breathtaking landscapes. Finally we reached our destination: La Posada de Cerro La Vieja, a small and beautiful Eco-Lodge in the middle of hills, rivers and forests in the moountains of Chiguiri Arriba in Cocle province. The lodge immediately makes you feel comfortable and nice people welcome you very friendly. After arriving we discovered the small hotel, our spacious rooms with terraces in the back and made use of the spa facilities: the girls of the team enjoyed a mud bath which smelled fabulous and which was great for relaxation and smoothed the skin. So, we were well-relaxed and continued our retreating program with a delicious dinner buffet consisting of Panamanian exquisite cuisine including pumpkin soup, mashed potatoes, vegetables and salad, plantain and different kinds of meat followed by cheesecake with syrup as dessert. We finished the day with fun activities such as a charade game, ping pong and pool table.

The team of EcoCircuitos started the next day with a rich and yummy breakfast, a mixture of Panamanian exquisites and continental breakfast. Then we started our hiking adventure with the destination of the waterfall Tavida Cascada. Very well prepared with appropriate equipment we left the hotel together with our local guide Chabelo and started the trail accompanied by beautiful sunshine. We discovered the interesting flora and fauna and enjoyed the fresh air in the mountainous forests of Coclé. We reached various rivers that needed to be crossed before finally arriving at the cabañas of Posada Cerro La Vieja with stunning views of the mountains on one side and on the other of the 30 meter high waterfall. We finished our hike with a refreshing bath in the natural swimming pool on bottom of the Tavida waterfall. We returned to the hotel where a delicious barbecue was waiting for us.  It was a great adventure for our office team!!