The Art of the Cayuco in Panama

The idea for an Ocean-to-Ocean Cayuco Race began in 1954 when, an employee of the Panama Canal Company, Wesley Townsend, took a group of Boy Scouts to visit an indigenous Embera community on the Chagres River.  During their visit the boys learned about the local’s traditions and culture and also learn how to paddle a cayuco, the only transportation used by the community.  This experience was the beginning of the Cayuco race and a tradition has lasted for more than half a century.

Click on the video below and learn more about the cayuco art and culture from one Panamanian cayuco champion and artist: Chris Huebsch.  Visit the Spanish Cultural Center where you can admire the art of cayuco until May 10 in Casa del Soldado.

Don´t miss the opportunity of witness this year the Ocean-to-Ocean race on March 27-29, 2015.