12 Buddhist Eco-Guidelines – Inspiration

Adapted from Living Afinity, by Hsing Yun (Lantern Books, 2004)


As we strive to cultivate a positive relationship with the environment, we need to first realize there are two facets to the journey – preserving inner sanctity and maintaining outer ecological balance.

We encourage everyone to start with beautifying one’s mind and spirit and then extend outward to beautifying their environment. Twelve guidelines were offered:

*  Speak quietly – do not disturb others.

*  Keep the ground clean – do not litter.

*  Keep the air clean – do not smoke or pollute.

*  Respect oneself and others – do not commit violent acts.

*  Be polite – do not intrude upon others.

*  Smile – do not face others with an angry expression.

*  Speak kindly – do not utter abusive words.

*  Follow the rules – do not seek exemptions or privileges.

*  Be mindful of your actions – do not act unethically.

*  Consume consciously – do not waste.

*  Be grounded – do not live aimlessly.

*  Practice kindness- do not create malice.