American Trade Hotel and Hall open in Casco Viejo

American Trade Hotel and Hall just open in Panama City, occupying a lovingly restored landmark building in Casco Viejo. The property stands at the ecological and cultural crossroads of  the Americas, deeply connected to both the historic Old Quarter and the nascent new Panama City – a meeting place for  influencers, creatives and cultures from around the world. The property and surrounding area are steeped in local heritage and culture, while the hotel has been thoroughly outfitted with the contemporary conveniences and modern luxuries today’s traveler requires.    The property is the result of a joint undertaking between Atelier Ace, Panama City-based Conservatorio, and Commune Design. American Trade Hotel is the first independent addition to Atelier Ace’s portfolio, which also includes the distinctive Ace Hotels.

The American Trade Hotel and Hall is a historical luxury property located in Casco Viejo – the old quarter of Panama City – a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, founded in 1673. The building was built in 1917 as a department store and bank with apartments on the upper floors, the American Trade building was designed by Leonardo Villanueva Meyer, the most prominent twentieth century architect in Panama City. Within walking distance of many historic buildings, fine restaurants, galleries, museums and concert venues, American Trade Hotel is a 50-room exclusive hotel.  (Room rates range from $189 to $609 per night.) Inside the hotel will be a jazz bar, a farm-to-table restaurant and a rooftop pool. Single-source Panamanian coffee will be roasted on-site and served in the lobby cafe. The hotel’s ballroom is housed in a neighboring Art Deco building that was once the Panamanian headquarters of First National City Bank of New York (later Citibank) – which was instrumental in financing the Panama Canal.  We are delighted to announce that EcoCircuitos Panama will have a tour desk at the American Trade hotel from January 2014.   For more information and rates contact us at

Fam Trip El Otro lado Boutique hotel in Portobello

Our team visited again El Otro Lado Boutique hotel in Portobello and they have a day relaxing and luxury.

El Otro Lado is a private retreat, situated in a privileged refuge of Portobelo Bay, integrating design, culture, nature and luxury in a unique manner to provide guests with authentic experiences that are select and customized.
Located approximately 90 minutes from Panama City, and next to the Portobelo National Park, El Otro Lado is the perfect venue to relax and disconnect while pondering the lush and youthful verdure. With views of the sea, the four tropical eclectic design houses integrate simple details with handcrafted traditions of Panama’s Atlantic coast.
A veritable stream of memorable experiences, El Otro Lado takes you to a dream-like place that is in harmony and balance, yet replete with life’s modern conveniences.This luxury boutique hotel offers a spectacular location in the tropical rainforest, an integrated landscape design in an unspoiled expanse, infinity view swimming pool, tropical eclectic design and indigenous decorative elements.

Panama General Information when travel with EcoCircuitos

Dear Traveler:

On behalf of all us at EcoCircuitos Panama, we wish you a most pleasant experience in Panama. Our goal is to have you enjoy an unforgettable experience in this beautiful and unexplored tropical destination. Here is some important information regarding your forthcoming adventure. Please take a few moments to become familiar with this material.


Please review them for accuracy and call us if you have any questions.  Hand the vouchers to the hotels and guides each day of services.

What to do after deplaning

Upon arrival at the International Airport, you will need to clear immigration. Remember to have your passport in hand and ready for inspection.  Then, proceed to the luggage claim area, retrieve your bags, and follow the customs officer’s instructions. Upon clearing customs you will exit the restricted area (our greeters and transportation personnel are not allowed inside this area),  you will pass your all your luggage through an x-ray machine.  Then you will proceed to exit the area, once you pass through the exit door you can go either to the right or the left. EcoCircuitos Panama recommends that you go to the right to better locate our staff who will be receiving you with a sign bearing your name with the company’s logo. 

In case you do not locate our staff please approach the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) tourist information stand, our staff will be close to this area.

You will find a large number of Panamanian families greeting arriving friends and relatives, so please make sure you are on the lookout for your official greeter who will have a sign with your name printed on it and a T-Shirt with our EcoCircuitos logo.  The airport of Panama is an international hub so could be very busy.  Please be patient and if you don´t see our staff, call our emergency number at +507 645-01093 or our office in Panama City:  +507 3151488

 Clothing & Packing

City attire: Even though Panama is generally an informal city, we recommend that men wear pants (jeans or cotton pants are OK), and women skirts, pants or Bermuda-length shorts. For the evening meal, men should wear nice slacks and a cotton shirt (sports jacket is optional).  Women will feel comfortable in a nice, casual evening outfit.  Formal attire is used mainly when conducting business. The highland areas can be cold, and a sweater is recommended.  For the lowland jungle areas light, loose-fitting shirts and long pants are essential.  If you plan to hike in the national parks make sure you bring two pairs of boots or hiking shoes, since one pair can be worn while the other dries from the previous day’s use.  Sunglasses and a hat or cap are essential.  If you are planning to go river rafting, make sure you bring rafting sandals or tennis shoes. If your travel plans call for a visit to one of our all-inclusive beach resorts, resort wear is best; casual is the rule. Don’t forget to bring camera batteries and sun block.

If your travel plans call for a short visit to the national parks and/or island retreats, it is highly recommended that you leave your bulky suitcases at your city hotel and carry an overnight case for these excursions. Flying within Panama has a luggage weight limit of 25 pounds (lbs) per person. If you are taking medication always carry it with you rather than putting it in your suitcase.

About Panama

Panama emerged from the oceans 3 million years ago. The significance of linking the landmasses of the two Americas in biological terms explains the incredible bio-diversity.


Panama is located between Central and South America.  It covers 75,517 square km (29,208 square miles).  Panama is between 50 and 120 miles wide (89km and 192 km) and is bordered by 1,287.7 km (805 miles) of Caribbean coastline and 1,700.6 km (1,062.8 miles) of Pacific coastline.


Panama has a humid, tropical climate. Temperatures are around 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 25-30 degrees Celsius). Nights are always cooler. The average annual rainfall is 1,500 mm along the pacific coast and 2,500 mm on the Caribbean side. The highlands enjoy spring-like climate with cool nights.


In this country of lush rainforests, there are only two seasons: Summer (from December to April), when rain is less frequent, and Winter (from May to  November), when showers are common in the evening with occasional mid-day cloud bursts.  Sunny days are the norm.

Time zone

Panama is on Eastern Standard Time (EST), five hours behind GMT.

Panama Time = GMT-5


The Panamanian currency is the US dollar. US coins are used alongside Panamanian coins, which look exactly like American coins except for the imprint.  In Panama all major credit cards are accepted.  In the interior areas of the country, such as San Blas and Bocas del Toro, most transactions are in cash.  ATM machines are available in all cities.


120 volt, 60 cycles in all parts of the republic. US electrical items can be used without adapters.

 Water Quality

Water from the tap is safe to drink in all city hotels.  However, bottled water is recommended for travelers.


10% of the total amount of your meal is appropriate.  It is not necessary to tip taxi drivers; however, bellhops are usually tipped $3.00 per person, tour guides $10 – $25 per person per day, and tour van/bus drivers $5 to $10 per person per day.

Tipping your guide in Panama

EcoCircuitos recommends the following guidelines for tipping our guides, drivers and staff in Panama:

  • Naturalist guide:  US$15.00 – US$20.00 per person per / day
  • Day tour guide:  US$10.00 per person per day
  • Transfer driver:  US$2.00 per person
  • Tour driver:  US$5.00 per person per day
  • Tour boat driver:  US$5.00 per person per day
  • Hotel bellman:  US$1.00 per person per piece of luggage

International airport bellmen:  US$1.00 per piece of luggage


Panama is a constitutional democracy.  A president, elected by popular vote for a five-year term leads the executive branch.  He/she is assisted by two elected vice presidents and an appointed cabinet. Current President, Juan Carlos Varela, elected on 2014.

 Safety tips

Panama has no armed forces.  A national police force, including special tourism police personnel, imposes the law.  For your safety and convenience, we recommend that you exercise caution by avoiding carrying large amounts of cash (ATMs are found throughout the country) or wearing expensive jewelry.  Panama is truly a safe country and violent crime rates are low, however, be careful with pick pockets in the downtown areas of Panama City.

Health Tips and Medical Services & Treatment

Panama City has excellent medical facilities, the larger towns have regional hospitals, and rural areas have clinics. Take a look of your immunization records before you go.   No shots are required, we suggest contacting your physician about your specific health needs.   The government of Panama does not require any vaccinations in order to enter the country. Most medicines are widely available in Panama City and at a similar rate to that in most western countries. Most medicines are sold by the same trademark names used in the U.S.  For emergencies, there are many good private clinics and hospitals throughout the country, but the biggest and best equipped are located in Panama City.  We suggest you to carry an international insurance, not provided by EcoCircuitos, S.A.


Panama has some of the cleanest drinking water in Latin America (if not in the world). Water is safe to drink from the faucet but also purified bottled water is sold in most hotels and supermarkets.  We suggest you to carry your bottle and refill it at the hotels.


Telephone: Calling cards are required to make international calls from the Schoolhouse. You can buy them at any local store of pharmacy. They usually cost several “units” per minute of talking. If it says 100 minutes, it’s probably good for about 15 minutes of international talk time.

At each site, there will be phones nearby. But in some places, the phones are not immediately accessible, so you may only be able to call home every other day at most.

 Postal Service

An airmail letter from Panama to USA weighing 20g or less requires $0.35 postage (25 cents for a postcard) and takes five to 10 days to arrive.  Most post offices in Panama are open from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM weekdays and from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM on Saturdays.

 National Holidays

Mourning Day/January 9. Mardi Gras (Carnavales) is celebrated in February. Good Friday and Easter Sunday (varies).  Labor Day/May 1. Father’s Day/June 16. Founding of Panama City/August 15. Independence Day from Colombia/November 3.  Flag Day/November 4. The Uprising of Los Santos/November 10. Independence Day from Spain/November 28. Mother’s Day/December 8. Christmas/December 25. New Years Day/Jan 1.

  Legal Services

In Panama you are presumed guilty until proven innocent.  If you are accused of a serious crime, you will be taken to jail.  If you are jailed, your Embassy may be able to offer assistance.   While in Panama you are subject to Panamanian laws, not the laws of your home country.  Remember that you are legally required to carry ID at all times, we suggest you carry a photocopy of your passport (leave the original in a safe at your hotel).

 Insects and Insect Repellent

Don’t let the thought of bugs get you down. The right kind of protection and common sense can make your trip worry-free.  When entering the jungle or forests, wear lightweight cotton, long-sleeved shirts and long pants. Cover all exposed skin surfaces with insect repellent.

 Exit requirements, Airport Tax and Duty-Free Shopping

There is a $40.00 departure tax (it may increase to $60.00 in 2016) on all passengers of international flights leaving Panama City. This tax is payable at the airline counter or included in the ticket.  An immigration form must be filled out and returned to the immigration officials prior to boarding.  The International Airport in Panama City has excellent duty free shops.

 What to Bring:

  • Two of the most important things to bring to Panama are a pair of BINOCULARS and a guidebook (Birds of Panama or Mammals of the Rainforest).  They are a must for getting a closer look at wildlife and are not available for rent in Panama.  We sell these plates on the Panama Office and if you want can be added to your package cost and included in your welcome kit.  $10.00 each
  • Two liters of water per person.  You will receive a bottle to refill during the day rather than buying multiple plastic water bottles.
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent
  • Casual clothing for city traveling
  • Shirts should be made of cotton or light synthetic materials; long- and short-sleeved
  • Cotton trousers preferable. Light synthetic materials are slower to dry.
  • Hiking shorts
  • Footwear:  Waterproof lightweight hiking boots, river sandals (e.g., Teva-type sandals), tennis shoes/running shoes.  If you do not bring hiking boots, please make sure you bring TWO pairs of tennis shoes.
  • Socks – bring extra pairs in case feet get wet
  • Rain gear – poncho, raincoat
  • Hat with visor for rain and sun protection
  • Plastic water bottle – especially for hikes
  • Flashlight with spare batteries and bulb
  • Camera and film
  • Ziplock plastic bags for spill able toiletries
  • Extra prescription glasses and medications
  • Small day pack or fanny pack for hikes
  • Sweater or jacket (a must for the highlands)
  • Swimwear
  • Collapsible luggage to store extra items left in Panama

Now open: The new Waldorf Astoria Panama

We are happy to announce that we are now taking reservations for the newly opened Waldorf Astoria Panama, which introduces the world-famous Waldorf luxury to Central America.

Located in the prestigious modern sector of the city, the Waldorf Astoria allows you easy access to the whole city: take a two minute stroll to the central financial and business district and only ten minutes away  you will find the famous Panama Canal.

Discover a new sense of luxury at the Waldorf Astoria Panama hotel. The personalized “True Waldorf Service” concept makes sure your entire individual needs and wishes are taken into consideration.

Add to the customized service the choice of exquisite guest rooms, lavish suites, and unique apartments, all set in an environment of contemporary style.

Let yourself be pampered and relax in the spa offering a full range of custom-crafted treatments  designed to revive the body, mind, and soul. Keep yourself helathiy at the fully equipped gym and then refresh in the sparkling pool.

With a whole floor dedicated to function space, a devoted events team, and delightful catering options The Waldorf Astoria Panama is an ideal venue for your events, such as weddings, celebrations, and conferences.

Your culinary senses are in for a treat at the diverse range of dining options in the hotel: Try simple refined French and American plates at Brasserie Brillo and artfully prepared sushi at Ginger Sushi Bar and Lounge. Enjoy the sophisticated surrounds of the Cristal Lounge – the perfect setting to unwind savoring tempting cocktails, or marvel at the wonderful sunset in the Bungalo Terrace and Pool Bar.

Fast facts:


The 130 luxurious accomodations are elegantly designed and offer utmost comfort and top-of-the-line amenities:

–       High-speed Internet both wireless and with cable

–       Spacious marble baths with rain shower heads

–       International HD cable television and pay-per-view TV

–       42” HD Televisions

–       IHome Radio alarm clocks with MP3 function

–       Mini Bar

–       Safety boxes with enough room for a laptop in each room

–       Hairdryer, clothing iron and ironing board

–       Daily turn down service

–       Nespresso Coffee maker

–       Salvatore Ferragamo bath accessories

–       Egyptian Cotton bed linens

–       Sealy Posturepedic luxury matresses


–       Outdoor swimming pool

–       Terrace

–       Waldorf Astoria fully equipped Spa

–       Life Fitness equipped gym

Other services

–       Cribs and babysitter service available upon request

–       Personal concierge service

–       24 hour room service

–       Transport services available upon request

for further questions or to make a booking contact us at or leave a comment below

Panama with Canal Transit January 17-21 and March 6-10, 2013

Join one of our small group tours on January 17-21 and March 6-10, 2013 that we are doing in partnership with a U.S. Tour Operator in Charlotte, NC.  The tour includes a full range of activities to take you through five centuries of Panamanian history as an international trade crossroad.  View details at:

Panama Special Green Season Package: Cosmopolitan City and Beach Escape

Panama was rated as the #1 destination in the New York times article, “The 45 Places to See in 2012”.  You can´t miss this amazing destination and for low season we are offering a great deal:

Pananama Canal

6 days adventure from $699.00*  Arriving on Friday – Valid until August 19, 2012

Arrive in the exciting capital, the most Cosmopolitan city in Central America: Panama City and stay in the luxurious Riu Plaza Hotel from where you will enjoy a breathtaking view over the whole City. Explore Casco Antiguo a designated UNESCO World Heritage site.   You can have optional activities as:  Kayaking the Panama Canal, hiking or binking in the Rainforest or just relaxing at the fabulous Spa and Wellness Center including pools as well as Jacuzzi.  You will then continue to the Pacific side of Panama to relax at Sheraton Bijao, a new Beach resort with amazing landscapes and beautiful views.  Don´t miss this opportunity!!

* In double occupancy and price does not include taxes.

Special packages with las Clementinas Hotel in Casco Viejo and other boutique hotels.

Exploring Panama City – From Old over New Panama to the famous Panama Canal

By Anne  KehmeierImage

And another tour I was able to join: a city tour through the capital of Panama!

In the morning we started from the middle of the city and immediately experienced the crazy and chaotic traffic of Panama City. After this interesting ride we arrived at Panama La Vieja where the ruins of Old Panama are located. These ruins are the remains of the old city of Panama that was founded in 1519 as the first settlement on the Pacific Ocean. After arriving we visited the Museum and learned a lot about the exciting history of Panama and Europeans who were looking for gold and other treasures in Panama. For example about Balboa who was the first European who saw the Pacific Ocean. We had a very interactive conversation about the history and also recent situations of Panama with the nice guide. The tour then continued with a ride along the ruins which ended at the old church tower of Panama La Vieja. Arrived at the old church we climbed up the tower from where we had a stunning view of Old Panama and also the rest of Panama City, including the high-rise buildings. After this thrilling morning we headed to Las Tinajas to have a traditional Panamanian lunch in this cozy local restaurant in Bella Vista, a very nice and central area in Panama City. At the restaurant we had delicious dishes like Arroz con Pollo (rice and chicken), Tamal de Olla (corn-based dough filled with chicken and vegetables) and fresh salad, of course traditionally served with rice and beans and fresh fruit juice. After refreshing our energies we headed to the newer part of the city Casco Antiguo which was built after the destruction of Panama La Vieja. However, nowadays this part is the historic district of Panama City. We explored Casco Antiguo starting with the old church of San Jose which is home to the famous Golden Altar. Hundreds of years ago this altar was located in a church in Panama Viejo. When the Pirate Captain Morgan came to sack the city the Jesuits painted the golden altar black and Captain Morgan left the precious altar untouched. Afterwards we walked though Casco Antiguo and saw several other churches and listened to interesting stories of Panama City. We arrived at the Plaza de Francia, the square where workers and French engineers are honored who participated in the construction of the Panama Canal. Then we were transferred to the Miraflores Lock where we learned more about the Canal in the Visitor Centre and observed the operations of the Canal from the observation deck. We were really lucky because as soon as we reached the observation deck two giant container ships entered the lock. With this absolutely interesting experience we completed the day tour and were transferred back to the city center.

I was really glad to join this tour as I haven’t known so many things about Panama before and it was interesting to get to know the city from this perspective! In fact I am grateful to be part of the team of EcoCircuitos that makes my discovery of Panama possible from time to time.