Gastronomy experience in Panama

By Juliette Darmon

There is no culture without gastronomy!

But too often and unfortunately, people tend to think that a gastronomy tour vulgarly means eating all day…

But here is the mistake! Gastronomy fully takes part of a cultural journey!
It’s a real rich and unmissable experience for a complete trip!

Of course the main goal of a gastronomic tour is making you tasting the best, traditional and local products and specialties of the country, but it also means showing you a cultural area of the city and the best places and locations to discover this culture, some typical and hidden sites you wouldn’t have thought about.

A gastronomic tour is also learning more about the culture, and your passionate guide will follow you throughout the itinerary. It’s a real adventure unlike a lot of people can think!

More than just tasting in our Panama Gastronomy experience, you will learn about how traditional dishes and local products as chocolate, coffee or honey are made and their whole process, and you will even have the possibility to visit some factories!

You could admire the view on the extensive skyline of Panama City while trying a ceviche at the Mercado de mariscos or the famous “raspado” on the Cinta Costera.

To end your culinary tour in the capital you may get on a guided tour through the microbrewery and taste some of their beer specialties. Also if time permits you could visit a Rum factory to try the artisanal Panamanian rum.

One day or one week, a culinary journey can be fascinating and so rewarding!

Out of the city, in the Azuero Peninsula you could so visit a local Rum factory, learning about the complete process of rum production – from harvesting the sugarcane until tasting the golden liquid. Then enjoy discovering the manufacturing processes of the traditional products of the Herrera Province: sugarcane, salt, clay and bread. In addition, you will have the chance to lodge in an eco coffee farm in the Boquete province.

The day after you will visit the coffee plantations and learn about the complete process of making coffee before tasting it at the end of the tour while enjoying an extensive view on the surrounding highlands.

Once the coffee tour ended, you will go on a local honey plant located on a small farm in the highlands of Boquete to end with a world-class honey tasting.

And what’s better than ending by a tour in the jungle to visit the Embera community and trying their fresh fish lunch?
In case you were skeptical, you are now aware of what does a gastronomic tour mean, and that is not just “stuffing” yourself with food…

So book a culinary tour now with EcoCircuitos to get into the Panamanian culture!

Art Galleries in Panama

The art scene in Panama is growing and fascinating.  As a bridge between two continents, Panama is one of the most diverse cities in Central America with a strong influence on the Afro-Caribbean, European and indigenous cultures.  There is a new generation of proud Panamanian artists creating unique pieces.    Kantule, Sebastian Icaza, Isabel De Obaldia, Donna Conlon, Jonathan Harker, Pilar Moreno  are some names that are building the Panama art scene.
There are some interesting art galleries that are a testimony to Panama’s art and cultural legacy.    We suggest to explore the city or book an art tour with us that will take you to the most interesting art galleries in the City.

An Art Tour in Panama City

DGriss Art Gallery
Location: Torres de las Americas, Punta Pacifica. Telephone: 201-5550 – 
Owned by Daniela and Pablo Griss, this art gallery displays art by Pablo Griss himself, and other artists all over the world. It´s main focus is contemporary art.

Location: Avenida A con Calle 6, Casco Antiguo. Telephone: 262-1957 –
A gallery that has a showroom, a restaurant-café, and a concept store. It has several art exhibitions during the year. They focus on promoting and supporting young local talent, future artists.

Weil Art Gallery
Location: Calle 48, Bella Vista.    Telephone: 264-9697 –
This art gallery owned by Carlos Weil, is the only art auction house in Panama. It has art from international crafts, as well as Panamanian 21st art such as handcrafted art, paintings and even sculptures.

Galeria Arteconsult
Location: Calle 72, No.34, San Francisco.    Telephone: 302-2646 – 
Offering Panamanian and Latin American art, we have this permanent high caliber showroom, which displays a diversity of art. From paintings to photographs.

Mateo Sariel Garcias
Location: Coco del Mar, Calle 79, Casa No.14.   Telephone: 270-2403 – 
Based on promoting contemporary Latin American art and introducing new artists such as Sebastian Icaza and his beautiful glass art.

Museo de Arte Contemporaneo
Location: Avenida de los Martires, Calle San Blas, Ancon. Telephone: 262-8012 – 
Concerned on collecting and conserving Panamanian art, as well as Latin American art, is this privately owned art gallery. Not only serves as an art gallery, but also as a library which hopes to promote the history and art of Latin America and Panama.

Marion Gallery
Location: Calle 70, San Francisco. Telephone: 226-7190 – 
Promotes new contemporary art by renowned International artists. It´s most distinguish or permanent exhibition is dedicated to Venezuelan artist Carlos Cruz-Diez, because of his unique optical kinetic art.

Allegro Galeria
Location: Calle 73, Bella Vista. Telephone: 226-6967 – 
Beginning with the art work of Olga Sinclair, and other renowned Panamanian artists, this gallery has developed a reputation over the years by continuing to support and promote work of local and international artists.

Galeria Habitante
Location: Marbella. Telephone: 264-6470/223-8869 – 
One of the oldest galleries in Panama, maintains their status by renewing, and extending their art gallery by collecting from young and old artists.

Galeria 18
Location: Ave. Samuel Lewis, P.H Plaza Diamond a lado de Porta Romana. Telephone: 203-5589 – 
Contemporary Fine Art Gallery

Huellas Casa Cultural
Location: Calle 63, Casa 66, San Francisco – 
It´s not an art gallery, but they have different activities during the year, which promotes team building as well as creativity in a fun environment.

Desfile de las Mill Polleras – Cultura y Tradición en Panamá

El Desfile de las Mil Polleras se celebrará en Las Tablas el sábado 10 de enero. Se espera la participación de más de 10,000 empolleradas, conjuntos musicales, murgas y tamboritos en un despliegue folclórico extraordinario. Con el desfile se mantienen vivas las tradiciones de vestir, tanto hombres como mujeres, el traje típico nacional. Para visitantes, la cantidad y variedad de polleras lucidas por hermosas damas panameñas, es un espectáculo único en el folclor panameño.

Programa: Después del mediodía nos dirigimos hacia Las Tablas para disfrutar del desfile de las Mil Polleras. Nos ubicamos en un área reservada exclusivamente para el grupo – el portal de una casa que queda directamente en la ruta del desfile. Aquí disfrutamos de toda la comodidad– sillas, sombra, baño, merienda típica y bebidas disponibles – para poder deleitarnos con el lujo y esplendor del traje típico panameño que engalana las calles de Las Tablas este día. Nuestro guía – experto en las tradiciones y el folclor panameño – nos explica todo sobre el traje nacional mientras más de diez mil polleras se mueven al ritmo de la murga y el tambor. Las damas que desfilan son ataviadas con todas las variantes de la pollera panameña, entre ellas la Montuna Santeña, la Ocueña, la Veraguense, la Coquito y por supuesto la Pollera de Gala – todas lucidas con mucho orgullo. Además, las damas son acompañadas de los caballeros con sus respectivas vestimentas fol-clóricas.
Cubitá Tours le ofrece una experiencia 100% autóctona para el Desfile de las Mil Polleras. ¡Acompáñenos y viva la expresión más auténtica de las tradiciones panameñas! Como cliente de Cubitá Tours gozará de los siguientes beneficios exclusivos:

EcoCircuitos y Grupo Cubitá le ofrece una experiencia 100% autóctona para el Desfile de las Mil Polleras. ¡Acompáñenos y viva la expresión más auténtica de las tradiciones panameñas!

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