Paradise Getaway: Tavida Lodge

Going up the road on the edge of the volcanic crater of El Valle de Anton offers spectacular panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and the coast line of Panama province. Following the windy steep mountain road surrounded by beautiful nature will eventually take you into the region of Posada La Vieja, with conic peaks rising up from lush forests. The Villa Tavida Lodge is located in the middle of those mountains in a private nature reserve, surrounded by beautiful gardens and a spectacular waterfall. You clearly entered a private little paradise here in this charming boutique hotel surrounded by beautiful gardens and spectacular views. Don’t miss out to try the delicious home-made dishes and organic products made out of a delicious local blueberry!

The Taste of Panama

Try our EcoCircuitos chocolate and have a pure taste of Panama! Our fine dark chocolate is harvested in the lush region of Bocas del Toro, where the fresh air of the rainforest and a light salty sea breeze give the cocoa fruits a special flavor. You can taste the old knowledge and traditional harvesting processes of the indigenous Ngoebe people, and their deep respect for the “brown gold”.

And you taste the passion and commitment of EcoCircuitos, who donate 100% of every bar of chocolate sold to their partner organization, the Organization for Sustainable Tourism in Panama. You taste passion for responsible tourism and its contribution to conservation and sustainable development. You taste respect and fairness combined with in-depth insights in the culture, the people and biodiversity of Panama. You taste responsible outdoor adventures that take place without endangering natural environments and their inhabitants. And you taste the happiness of indigenous people, whose education is supported by scholarships of APTSO.

This is the fine taste of fair and responsible circulations; of Panama`s beautiful environment and its inhabitants, cultures and travelers being in harmony and benefiting from each other.

If you want more, join the EcoCircuitos chocolate tour and become a witness of the traditional manufacturing processes and old Ngoebe cultures in Bocas del Toro!

EcoCircuitos Pride Tours

By:  Carina Forster – Intern from Austria

Over the years Panama has become a multi-cultural place, influenced by a variety of different world-powers. Today it is considered one of the most open-minded countries for gay people in Central America. Even though Panama is a religious catholic country and gay marriage is still not legal, people are generally accepting on a personal level. The constantly growing Gay Community in Panama is very welcoming and accessible. Since 2005, a Gay Pride Parade is held every year and the famous annual carnival on the Peninsula Azuero has become an adopted holiday for Panama’s gay population.

Nightlife is extensive in Panama City; there are several Gourmet Restaurants, Clubs and Bars where you can party until dawn. During the day time you can find a variety of beaches, forests, and historical sites along with many other interesting things to see. Panama offers a wide variety of gay friendly hotels at amazing destinations. Weather you seek for party, luxury, adventure, family trips or a romantic time with your partner, Panama is the place for you to go.

EcoCircuitos offers various LGBT tours and vacation options throughout Panama:

  • Adventure Tours
  • Honeymoon
  • Beach Retreats
  • Romantic Tours
  • Family Tours
  • Educational Tours

Join our tours!  and work with the family!

New Tour: Skywalk in the Highlands

EcoCircuitos Panama is excited to offer a brand new skywalk tour in the Chiriqui Highlands! This 3-4 hour tour will take you on a 25 minute drive into the valley behind Boquete town, during the drive you can admire the countryside, coffee farms and more as climb into the valley. Upon your arrival you will be given a briefing about the 5km loop that will take you over 5 Skywalk bridges that range from 1,600 – 1,800 meters over sea level. Walk through the treetops of the cloud forest, keep your eyes out for exotic bird species and other animals native to the area. Admire the surrounds scenery as your guide, interprets the ecosystem that surrounds you.

IMG_0412 (2)
Skywalk the Highlands
Bridge Details
Bridge 1 Length: 135m/Height: 40m
Bridge 2 Length: 70m/Height: 15m
Bridge 3 Length: 110m/Height: 55m
Bridge 4 Length: 110m/Height: 70m
Bridge 5 Length: 85m/Height: 44m









Skywalk Tour Detail
Time 3-4 hours
Distance 5km
Hiking Level Medium
Restrictions Children 5 and under not permitted
Includes Private transportation, private guide, entrance fees,
Optional Lunch



Meet our guides: Octavio Rios


Meet some of our guides. We are proud to work with of highly team of experience Panamanians guides. Our guides have training in different fields such as interpretation, leadership, knowledge and first aid. Also our team of guides are highly experience in the different tours that we offer and have different ares of specialization such as ornithology, botany, herpetology, history, culture and traditions, Canal history, etc. Those who do not have formal training have a lifetime of experience and are passionate about sharing their knowledge in the field with you. We also offer an annual training in best practice and natural history.

Octavio Rios is one of our senior birding guides with ample experience in different regions.  He grow up in the highlands of Chiriqui in Panama, an area surrounded by wildlife and national parks.  This must have influenced Octavio’s fascination of ecology and bird watching. He spent his elementary school in Panama, and during high school he divided his time between California and Panama. While studying tourism in college, Octavio worked for Scuba Panama and earned his first job at the Panama Canal Museum in 1999. His area of expertise is history and ecology, and he also has work with  cruise liners. He is also a member of the Panama Audubon Society and the founder of the Tourism Guide Association of Panama. After 13 years of experience, he is now performing as a Certified Interperter Guide, Cruise Director & Naturalist Guide.

Highlands Adventure in Mount Totumas Private Reserve

Located in Los Pozos Volcan at 6 miles up a scenic 4WD road. Enjoy a hiking adventure and superb birdwatching. Mount Totumas Cloud Forest is a 400 acre reserve bordering the La Amistad National Park. Guests can enjoy 8 marked trails through the reserve with access into the adjacent national park, which is Central America’s largest protected mountain wilderness area. Hot springs are also located nearby. In the Mount Totumas Cloud Forest Reserve there are keystone species present such as Resplendent Quetzals, Three Wattled Bellbirds, Baird’s Tapir, Mantled Howler Monkey, Black and Crested Guan, White-Faced Capuchin monkeys, spider monkeys, mountain lions, ocelots and even Jaguars have been spotted in neighboring national park.


Day 1- Transfer In – 

Today at the appropriate time an EcoCircuitos representative will meet you at the Tocumen Airport to assist and transfer you to your hotel in Panama City. At this time you will also receive an EcoCircuitos information kit. Hilton Double Tree/Tryp Albrook or similar, double room

Day 2- Chiriqui Highlands – Mount Totumas Private Cloud Forest Reserve

At the appropriate time you will be transferred to the Domestic Airport in Albrook for your flight to David (approximately 1 hour flight time), located in the Chiriquí Province west of Panama City. You will be met by an EcoCircuitos representative that will transfer you to the town of Volcan located to the west of Volcano Baru. Before beginning the next part of your adventure you have lunch at a local gourmet restaurant, Cerro Brujo. After lunch you will be met by your local host to begin your journey to Mount Totumas, it will take you at least 2 hours to reach your destination nestled in the middle of a 400 acre private reserve First you will proceed on paved road to a windy dirt road crossing small streams until the final kilometers where you will go up a 4WD road to reach your destination. Admire the views from road and keep your eyes out for wildlife. Once you arrive you will learn about the lodge and go for a short afternoon hike to get oriented with the reserve. Overnight at Mount Totumas, Bell Bird Lodge Room (B, L, D)

Day 3 – 4 Mount Totumas Private Cloud Forest Reserve

Enjoy the area at your leisure. You will have the opportunity to go on guided hikes in search of wildlife and to enjoy the untouched fauna or sit back and relax on the deck overlooking the valley as humming birds buzz by. Mount Totumas, Bell Bird Lodge Room (B, L, D)

Day 5 – Chiriqui Highlands – Boquete

Early in the morning after breakfast you will be transferred back to the town of Volcan where you will be met by an EcoCircuitos representative who will transfer you to the charming mountainous town of Boquete, known for its pleasant climate, coffee, adventure tourism and much more! Boquete Garden Inn/Riverside Inn/Finca Lerida or similar, double room. Optional tours available: rafting, canopy zip line, hot springs, spa treatments, hiking, birding, amongst other options. (B)

Day 6 – Coffee Tour

In Boquete you have the unique opportunity to visit a coffee plantation and learn about the process of coffee. Our guide will explain the whole process from the picking by the Ngobe Bugle Indians to the cup while you walk the coffee fields and learn about the coffee plants and how the coffee beans are harvested and processed. We will tour one of the local farms in Boquete where you will be able to admire a clean and modern environmental processing plant. The tour ends in the romantic coffee cupping room in the old mill, where we will taste and cup the product of all the work and Craftsman ship. Boquete Garden Inn/Riverside Inn/Finca Lerida or similar, double room. (B)

Day 7 – Morning Hike – Return to Panama City

In the morning after breakfast you will be met by your guide for your morning hike. You will hike through the unspoiled forest where you will experience the cloud forest and you will have the opportunity to the amazing flora and fauna of the area. You will see ancient trees covered with moss, epiphytic plants and orchids. As well, you will enjoy spotting birds such as: Orange-bellied Trogon, Three-wattled Bellbird, Black Guan, Hairy Woodpecker, Buff-fronted Quail Dove and the Resplendent Quetzal.

After you hike you will be transferred to the David Airport for your flight to Panama City. Upon your arrival you will be met by an EcoCircuitos representative that will transfer you to your hotel in the City. Hilton Double Tree/Tryp Albrook or similar, double room (B)

Day 8 – Transfer Out

At the appropriate time you will be transferred to the Tocumen International Airport for your outbound flight. You will arrive at the airport approximately 2 hours before your departure time. Note: customers will be picked up 3 hours before their flight time.