Panama continues welcoming travelers and preventing COVID-19

 Panama continues welcoming travelers and preventing COVID-19 

Press Release

 Panama, March 7, 2020: Panama continues receiving travelers and entrepreneurs as usual thanks to its unique geographical position and connectivity as the Hub of the Americas and its development as an attractive tourism destination and business and financial center. The country is vigilant and prepared to protect its health safety during these uncertain times as a result of the COVID-19 virus 

With strong health safety measures in place, we invite all travelers to come to Panama and enjoy all of its virtues encompassed within a narrow strip of land surrounded by two oceans, bountiful rainforests, rich history and cultural heritage and a modern Panama City, dubbed as the “Skyscraper capital of Latin America”. 

Currently there is no reason for travelers coming from countries not affected by COVID-19 to avoid traveling to Panama based on the following: 

1. There are no cases of COVID-19 reported in Panama as of today. 

2. Panama maintains a permanent surveillance system, which continues to allow travelers to our country from most countries, including the United States of America or Canada to name a few.

3. All measures adopted by the country’s health system are coherent with the development of standards and protocols established by international organizations such as WHO and CDC which do not have alerts, recommendations or prohibitions to visit Panama and maintain the country as a “Green Level 1” destination meaning that only normal travel precautions are necessary. 

4. The development of COVID-19 worldwide is being monitored by Panama’s government with the highest levels of prevention and preparation to offer assistance in case of need with the support of the travel industry. 

 The following measures have been adopted to minimize risks associated to COVID-19 for the benefit of travelers and residents alike: 

1. Real time monitoring off all communication and recommendations issued by international organizations such as the WHO and foreign government institutions such as CDCs to strengthen all efforts related to control the virus in Panama. 

2. Continued communication and updates issued by Panama’s Health Ministry to share international protocols, improve prevention practices and to provide all the needed support where necessary with the purpose of guaranteeing the implementation of all necessary steps to prevent, mitigate, early detection measures and risk management. These include: 

  1. a. Public dissemination of relevant information. 
  2. b. Provide recommendations to travelers on better practices for prevention and detection. 

The tourism sector in Panama, from airport operators, airlines and hotels, to transportation companies, tour operators, restaurants and guides, is diligently working on maintaining all the necessary measures for a healthy environment with the highest standards of hygiene, early disease detection and rapid response to minimize risk and provide assistance. 

Airports and airlines have implemented strict monitoring and preventive measures to evaluate passengers arriving to Panama in order to guarantee a safe destination for travelers. 

These include: tracking the passengers’ recent travel history, non-invasive temperature measurement, monitoring passengers’ health conditions prior and after boarding. Travel restriction or cancellation measures are in place for passengers detected with symptoms or who have a recent travel history that includes compromised countries. 

Panama’s health authorities through their communication systems and with the support of the travel industry are proactively requesting travelers to follow all recommendations established by international and local health institutions to maintain the highest levels of personal hygiene and to inform of any symptoms for immediate evaluation and professional medical assistance in case it becomes necessary. 

The standard preventive measures include: 

  • • Wash hands frequently with water and soap for at least 20 seconds 
  • • Cover mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing with disposable tissues, upper sleeve or the elbow 
  • • Avoid all contact with people who may have the virus and avoid busy areas if sick 

There is 24/7 telephone assistance in case there are any questions or if there is the need for assistance. 

  • • Should there be any symptoms detected or any medical concerns when there has been contact with people who have recently traveled from compromised countries dial 169 
  • • In case of emergency, including respiratory problems dial 911 

Updates from the Panama Ministry of Health and international health organizations will be shared on a regular basis as they become available. Panama reassures its commitment to safeguard the well-being of all travelers and residents alike. 

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