CSR: Educational Project in Panama



There are schools in Panama, Bocas del Toro that are in need of renovation. EcoCircuitos together with APTSO.org are donating needed funds to schools, but there is still a lot to do. An EcoCircuitos volunteer vacation activity would be very welcome to finish ongoing school renovation projects.

Volunteer Activity:

Group participants will work together with students, teachers and representatives in specific renovation projects and support with workshops focusing on recycling, garbage management and other requested areas of expressed interest. Group members will be divided into small groups to share their experiences and skills with the students and staff. Some activities may include painting, arranging doors, bathrooms, planting trees or flowers, supporting the teacher in needed areas. Donations are also welcome, needed items include computers, footballs, chairs, desks, lamps and classrooms materials.

Meet Multigrado Teacher Raquel Perez from Bocas del Toro.  Help us help her!

Donations to http://www.aptso.org  info@aptso.org or directly to the school with supplies.

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