Panama – Upcoming Gastronomic Destination

Panama’s local cuisine infused with fresh local produce, seafood and other unique ingredients are competing against other great well known culinary destinations in Latin America. This year for the first time Panama will be represented in the Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants list. The restaurants will be showcased on September 26, 2016, this event is known as the “Oscar” of gastronomy.

Panama’s exceptional cuisine reflects its rich historical influences of the Afro Antillean, Amerindian, Chinese, Spanish and other cultures that have played essential role that makes Panama what it is today. EcoCircuitos Panama invites you to experience the culinary delights in the isthmus that changed the world! Savor local breakfast cuisine that will take you to the heart of Panama’s roots, try a fresh ceviche at the local fish market or enjoy the flare of Panama’s international cuisine in the middle of city that once was taken over by pirates.

Contact EcoCirucitos Panama to find out more about our culinary programs and day tours that can be tailored to your culinary interest. Visit local restaurants, farms, cook with local chefs and more! For additional information please contact us at:

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