Panama National Holidays

Panama is a country of diversity, culture, folklore and history and it celebrates several holidays during the year that can affect your travels.  Some things that are important to know during holidays and festivities:

  • Banks will be closed and ATM machines often run out of money.
  • Often alcoholic beverages are forbidden from noon on the day before the holiday until noon the next day.
  • Traffic can be very intense during holidays since most locals travels to see family in the interior provinces.
  • If a Panamanian national holiday falls on a Sunday, the day off is automatically moved to the following Monday to create a long weekend.

The list below for Panama’s National Holidays

Holiday Date
New Years 1 January
Martyr’s Day 9 January
Carnival – 2018 12 – 13 February
Holy Week – 2018 30 March
Labor Day 1 May
Independence Day 3 November
Flag Day / National Symbols Day 4 November
Colon Day 5 November
Shout in Villa de los Santos 10 November
Independence from Spain 28 November
Mother’s Day 8 December
Christmas Day 25 December
New Year’s Eve 31 December

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