TIPS for arriving to the Tocumen International Airport in Panama

Currently Panama City’s primary airport is Tocumen International Airport.  It is under a major expansion and renovation process: new terminals, 20 new gates, more parking, 4-lane access to offer a better service to our international travelers. This project is anticipated to be ready in 2017.

Sometimes the arrival area after immigration could be packed with tourists and people waiting to pick up their relatives.   This can be confusing for first time visitors and travelers to Panama.  Our staff will waiting for you with a sign with your name on it.

We suggest you to follow the below instructions to avoid any hassle:

Once you arrive to Tocumen International Airport you will first go through immigration, then you will proceed to pick up your luggage.  After you have your luggage you will need to clear customs and agriculture, you will pass your all your luggage through an x-ray machine.  Then you will proceed to exit the area, once you pass through the exit door you can go either to the right or the left. EcoCircuitos Panama recommends that you go to the right to better locate our staff who will be receiving you with a sign bearing your name with the company’s logo.  In case you do not locate our staff please approach the Tourism Authority of Panama (ATP) tourist information stand, our staff will be close to this area. 

One thought on “TIPS for arriving to the Tocumen International Airport in Panama

  • Hopefully, everything is done now. Well… who am, I kidding, the construction never ends! That’s the price of growth and maintenance. All worth it for the experience though. Thanks for the heads up.

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