Article from Transamerica: The Hippest Neighborhood in Central America

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are not allowed to publish this article to promote Panama in our web.  The authors banned us from publication in our blog for violation of copyright.  We thought we were advertising their web and authors.  Anyway, for those interested in reading it, please check their website directly at


4 thoughts on “Article from Transamerica: The Hippest Neighborhood in Central America

  • You have copied our copyrighted content without our permission. You have no rights to do so. Please remove it immediately or we will report you to wordpress for violation of their terms.

  • Dear Sirs,

    Please note that we have remove this article from our blog. We did not know that it was a copyright violation. We included all articles about Panama to keep updated about our country and we always include the source from all articles. Again sorry if this affects your publication, it was not our intention.

    Kind Regards,

    Annie Young J.
    EcoCircuitos Panama

  • There is nothing wrong with an excerpt of our post, this is the way things are normally done. An excerpt usually consists of the first paragraph or two along with a photo, with a link to read more going to and acknowleding the original source. We are all for promoting Panama, however it is inappropriate to copy a post in its entirety, especially when you have not asked the authors to do so. Even moreso when you are a commercial site, in the business of selling tours using our information without proper attribution. You were not advertising the authors as you say since nowhere was there an explanation or attribution of the original post. Again, if you wanted to promote “us”, the accepted way is to excerpt the beginning followed by a “Read the whole post, or Read more at Trans-Americas Journey. Most importantly, by copying a post in it’s entirety you weaken both of our sites SEO-wise as google penalizes both of us when they find duplicate content.

  • Just to clarify, nearly all content on blogs (and elsewhere) is copyrighted, usually pretty clearly on the bottom of every page. Unless there is a Creative Commons license you can presume it is copyrighted and inappropriate to copy content in it’s entirety on your commercial blog. AND, as I stated in my previous comment, the worst thing about doing this is you damage both of our sites in the”eyes” of google and other search engines. that is why it is appropriate to excerpt and not copy entire posts.

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