Policies for Domestic Flights with Air Panama


Baggage to register

  • Each passenger is entitled to carry 14 Kilos or 30.8 LBS on flights from David / Bocas del Toro (Island) and Changuinola
  • Each passenger is entitled to carry 14 Kilos or 30.8 LBS on the routes of Pearls Island, Darien and San Blas.

Baggage NOT allowed

For its condition the following articles are regarded as dangerous goods and may affect flight safety is therefore one can not carry as checked baggage or hand.

  1. Incendiary or explosive materials.
  2. Items with flammable or poisonous gases such as butane, oxygen or liquid nitrogen.
  3. Flammable liquids such as gasoline, oil, alcohol, paint, ether, solvents.
  4. Materials such as oxides chloride of lime, peroxide, fertilisers based on ammonium nitrate.
  5. Toxic or infectious as poison, pesticides, kills weeds, insecticides, or organic-type virus.
  6. Radioactive materials.
  7. Tanks chlorine, oxygen fire extinguishers.

Charge for excess baggage

A 2% of the published fare will be charged for every kilo of excess baggage. Any excess baggage is accepted as conditional baggage and subject to available space inside the aircraft. If there is available space would be sent on the same flight, otherwise it will be sent on the next flight.

Hand Baggage

  • The hand baggage on all flights should not exceed 4Kilo or 8.8 LBS.
  • Articles for carrying by hand as: Jackets, purse, hat, bag with baby items, notebooks computers, video or photographic equipment, portfolio, canes, crutches, prostheses and wheelchairs, provided that the passenger demand.

Hand Baggage NOT allowed

Knives, razors, short nails, knives folding or retractable, scissors, sharp pangs articles, lighters, matches.

Baggage lost in National Flights

  • First and foremost we apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  • If you are seeing this page is because your baggage was lost.
  • You should have submitted a claim for that baggage, which for some reason is lagging in some airport or was mistakenly delivered to another passenger.
  • The airline tells you to fill out the form, which is the procedure, however if you have any suggestions or questions you do about your baggage please send email to: servicio.al.cliente@airpanama.com o fatima.delcid@airpanama.com with the number of claims, which ‘ll take immediate response on the investigations.
  • If the condition of your baggage is another, equally prompted at our offices which is the responsibility of the airline for you and your luggage, damaged or lost.
  • Remember to keep the document to be delivered in our office customer service and provide a correct your address either local or outside Panama.

Minors traveling alone on domestic flights

  • It is considered as “unaccompanied minor” to each passenger between 5 and 12 years old traveling alone or whose companion is less than eighteen years.
  • Every minor have to bring an accurate identification.
  • An adult must deliver the child at the airport one hour before and must fill out a disclaimer for the company where its release of all responsibility.
  • That form must furnish the particulars of the person who collected at its final destination.
  • These data is completed with name, identity card number, telephone residence, office and cell phone. These same data should also be delivered by the person who delivers the child.
  • If the child will travel on a small aircraft, it must be delivered by the staff of the airline captain in command of the aircraft.
  • If the child travels in a big plane, this will be delivered at the aircraft door to a flight attendant.
  • This in turn hand over the station for the child to a supervisor after all passengers have landed.
  • This service has no additional cost unless for some reason or circumstance why the company has to incur expenditures to locate the adult in their final destination or having to incur any costs of the child.
  • The minor must not carry on with baggage weight.

Pregnant women domestic flights

  • Any pregnant woman past 7 months pregnantcy, must carry a permission or certificate from the doctor.
  • Such a permission or certificate must indicate that the passenger does not have any complication or impediment to travel.
  • This should not take more than 10 days issued.
  • The passanger must fill out a form at the airline where it exempts any complication before, during and after the flight.
National Disabled Passengers on flights
  • A passenger is considered disabled if its physical or mental condition requires some special attention during the abboarding and landing of the flight.
  • As a condition of disabled and non-patient does not require a special medical certificate.
  • When the passenger making the reservation, it must report their status as disabled and request information about the airport of departure and destination, to be clear that both airports have the necessary conditions for a passenger of their condition. (Darién and San Blas).
  • Equally at the arriving at the airport, an hour earlier, it must request to be attended immediately by its disabling condition.
  • The passenger must be addressed first in the aircraft, so it may be located in one of the most safe and comfortable for him, without having the pressure of other passengers boarding the aircraft.
  • It should also be landed Last not lead to pressure from other passengers.
  • If the passenger travels with its wheelchair, this may be used until the aircraft door and then fit in the cargo hold of the aircraft, at no cost and with priority over other luggage.
  • This passenger most not be charged any additional cost, unless for being a disabled person requires more than one occupying seat on the aircraft.

Traveling With surfboards: Domestic Flights

  • When  passenger is making its reservation,   must advise  air panama that he or she  wishes to carry a surfboard.
  • The surfboard may be included as a suitcase depending on the flight path but some routes  can not carry surfboards as suitcase and  other passengers maybe  carrying surfboard also. Since it is acceptable to have a certain number of surfboards on every  flight, we will carry your surfboard.
  • Every surfboard big or small measured less than 7′
  • Surfboads  up to and maximum of  7′ are not considered as part of the luggage and  are charged $ 20.00 on all domestic routes.
Traveling with Baby flights National
  • Children under 2 years of age are considered infants and not take up space, therefore not paying tickets.
  • These infants must be reported by the adult before boarding the plane.
  • Infants requiring seats should ride with ticket (fare child) equivalent to 75% of adult fare.
  • If an adult traveling with two infants, the first can be on adult’s laps and pay the fee for the second child, and which must be seated.
  • At the time of booking the adult must report that this traveling with a baby in their arms.
Traveling with Pets in Domestic Flights
  • All animals must travel in a cage or container suitable to their size, which is escape-proof and spill. Which is resistant. That can be handled safely by the staff of the .
  • When its the time for travel the animal will be accepted only if the person is being transported, this all required documents as proof of immunizations and a certificate of good health.
  • No animal will be accepted for traveling with the passenger unless a rescue or guide dog accompanying its owner, carrying its belt or harness.
  • Cost to transport animals inside the plane will be charged for the transportation of animals at a rate of $ 2.50 per small cages and $ 5.00 per big cages.
  • As long as this within the same weight of the passenger baggage allowance. The difference paid on the weight.

Surfboards, Bicycle and related oversize packages need? Some objects may not be allowed on the aircraft due to size restrictions however please check with Air Panama and lets us help you manage your oversize luggage.


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