EcoCircuitos training seminar for guides

The EcoCircuitos Team started two weeks ago the basic knowledge, risk management and leadership training program for future guides.   Laura Ramirez, Fabio Trujillo, Jorge Mayorga, Roberto Jaén, Annie Young and Rick Morales are sharing their knowledge and experience of many years as professionals in this industry.

We are offering 6 sessions of theory where the primary focus is interpretive training in the cultural, natural, and human history of Panama plus relevant resource material shared by our senior guides.   We also are taking the participants to the field and testing their knowledge and skills with an expert team that will evaluate them.  The training program also incorporates a mentorship component from our staff guides to the future team.  We want you to have fun while guiding!  Join us in a fantastic career for the next season that combines education and social development.  If you want to take advantage and be part of one of our training seminars, contact Laura Ramirez in the office at 315-1488.

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