Experience Panama from a vintage Airplane!


A new and safe way of seeing the city: Aerial tours of the city and the canal in a vintage military airplane and 100% safe simple aerobatic maneuvers.

The airplane:

This Beechcraft T-34 is a 1950’s propeller-driven, single-engined, military trainer aircraft in perfect condition. Planes of this type are being used by the Lima Lima Flight Team and Dragon Flight; both civilian demonstration teams. It is also used by aerobatic pilot Julie Clark, who flies her T-34 “Free Spirit” (registration N134JC) at air shows.

The plane can be flown with the cabin covers open, and flies at an average cruise speed of 150 knots.

The Pilots:

Colonel Danilo Caballero is a veteran of the Ecuadorian air force,  a former military flight instructor, and low-altitude aerobatic pilot.  Lieutenant Juan C. Mérida is a veteran of the Uruguayan air force and an FAA flight instructor.

The flights:

Choose between a 30-minute Canal flight, including one loop and one roll, or a 50-minute Canal and City flight, also including one loop and one roll.

Equipment and company are insured through US insurance company Nation Air.

These aerial tours are a special experience not only for fans of vintage airplanes or military history, but for everyone who would like a unique view of Panama. This is a true once-in a lifetime experience!


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