Clean drinking Water in Panama

" In a land of abundant rain, nobody should be dying for a drink of water" Joe Bass
” In a land of abundant rain, nobody should be dying for a drink of water”
Joe Bass

Today is UN World Water Day, which was established to bring global attention to the importance of fresh water and to advocate sustainable management of water resources.

Panama knows the importance of this: There are still many regions in the country where access to clean water cannot be taken for granted.  This means that the development of water supplies and the responsible use of the water we have is a top priority for us.

In acknowledgement of this, EcoCircuitos is involved in the National Geographic “go blue” Geotourism campaign. This project is a cooperation with the USAID Regional Program for The Management of Aquatic Resources an Economic Alternatives and the Inter-American Development Bank, and offers advice to travelers who visit regions with sensitive water supplies.

It is sometimes difficult for travelers to understand at the first glance how scarce water resources in a region can be, and it is our goal to sensitize each of our visitors to the importance of sensible water management. What you as a tourist can do? There are various options:

1.    Save water

Ask about the water supplies at your hotel, and if water is scarce, make sure not to use more than necessary. Run tap water only when you really need it, make your showers short, and only do laundry if necessary. Re-use your towels and bed sheets, and let the hotel know when you want them changed, instead of having them changed everyday.

2.    Be responsible with drinking water

Before you travel, ask about drinking water supplies. Maybe it makes sense if you bring your own bottled water? Maybe you can even help donate water to the local community?

Do not waste drinking water while you are in a sensitive destination, use it only for drinking or cooking!

3.    Be informed

Ask before you go! Ask us about the water situation in the place where you are going, and what you can do to help. We are happy to give you all the information you need to become a water-sensitive traveler in Panama

4.    Volunteer

There are various campaigns around Panama that can use volunteers or donations to improve water supplies to local communities. A good example is  the “go blue” featured campaign Operation Safe Drinking Water in Bocas del Toro, where volunteers spend one single day each to help supply local schools with clean drinking water. Ask us about charities and projects you can support.


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