Something for Everyone – New Restaurants Opening Doors in Panama City

ImageBy Benita Rose

Generally spoken, Panama´s gastronomy is a result of historical influences of the country such as Amerindian, Hispanic, African and Afroantillean cultures, and could not be any more diverse. This is the reason why food has become a great attraction in the Republic.

As diverse as Panama´s people is its food.

With its 2.000 kilometers along the coast (both Pacific and Caribbean coast), seafood, for instance, forms a part of traditional Panamanian dishes. In addition to this, plates such as the National soup Sancocho, Mondongo, Ropa Vieja (engl.: old clothes), Caribbean Pattys, or Arroz con Guandu (engl.: rice with Guandu) are classically served across the whole country.

Modern Panama City does not only offer a variety of Panamanian restaurants though, but it has in fact everything to offer an international culinary could ever desire.

In the past years a boom of especially high-class restaurants has been an implicit consequence of foreign investments. Month after month new restaurants keep on springing up all over the city, especially in wealthier parts as for instance Paitilla, Punta Pacífica, Marbella, or San Francisco.

Here a selection of Panama City´s newest restaurants:

In July 2012 the “Restaurante Raíces” situated at the Causeway (on the Perico Island in the Centro Comercial Brisas de Amador), opened its doors offering typical Panamanian food to enjoy after grasping some sun and sea breeze at the famous Causeway.

In San Francisco “La Valentina” with an outside terrace and Italian and Argentinean food, as well as the “Taberna 66” – also in San Francisco – on Calle 66 (House No. 73) offering Mediterranean dishes, are open to be visited.

For those who prefer international food “Café Chic” on Calle Uruguay is a fancy, new location with a somewhat European style and atmosphere.

Panama´s Bristol Hotel (Ave. Aquilino de la Guardia, Financial district) also just recently opened its “838 Lounge” with a bar and a restaurant inside offering a variety of cocktails and drinks apart from the standard menu.

Food and beverage lovers will also have the chance to visit the International Gastronomy Fair in Panama City. The fair will take place at the convention center ATLAPA from August 30th until September 2nd.


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