Fish ID Guide App. Free on I-Tunes

by:  STRISTRI staff scientist, D. Ross Robertson has released the first, completely portable, bilingual species identification guide for the Tropical Eastern Pacific as a free Iphone application. Unique fish-finding and list-making tools provide powerful resources for scientists, divers and tour guides.

The Tropical Eastern Pacific, spanning Baja California to Ecuador and the Galapagos, is one of three great global centers of marine biodiversity. Until the 1990’s there was no region-level guide to the fishes of that area. The Iphone application evolved from the book “Fishes of the Tropical Eastern Pacific,” published in 1994 by Gerald R. Allen and Robertson.

Information for almost 1,300 species (vs 700 in the 1994 book) is compiled in the new app. “Not only can you carry the means to identify 10% of the world’s tropical shore-fishes in your pocket, you can make and share annotated species-lists that correspond to specific field trips,” said Robertson. “And you don’t need to be connected to a server to use it.”

Find the app in the iTunes website here:
Fishes: East Pacific. An identification guide for the shore-fish fauna of the tropical eastern Pacific.

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